GOP Senator Caught Joking About Murdering Political Opponents In New Ad


In a ridiculous new ad, the re-election campaign of Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler positively compares her to Attila the Hun — yes, that Attila the Hun — and jokes about “eliminating” liberals. The ad’s guiding premise is that Loeffler is “more conservative than Attila the Hun” — the genocidal despot from the 400s — and thus, the implication is that Georgia voters who are concerned about protecting “conservatism” (whatever precisely that’s supposed to mean) should vote to re-elect her. The fact that the Republican Party has fallen so far into extremism that “jokingly” comparing yourself to a murderous, violent ancient ruler is even remotely seen as acceptable is absolutely ridiculous.

In the ad itself, which is less than a minute long, a couple is shown sitting on a couch. One of them says that they heard that Loeffler is “more conservative than Attila the Hun,” and the scene then cuts to a mocked-up recreation of the despot dictating orders to a scribe. The final order in the list — which includes “fight China” — is “eliminate the liberal scribes.” The comment — which implies the murder of Loeffler’s political opponents — is presented as some kind of joke.

Check out the ad below:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poignantly observes the following:

‘Once, Loeffler was promoted as a candidate who could help win over wavering moderates and independents in Atlanta’s suburbs, particularly on-the-fence women. Now her campaign is tongue-in-cheek comparing Loeffler, a wealthy former financial executive, to a murderous despot from the 400s.’

Loeffler was appointed to her present position after the resignation of Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson due to health concerns. She’s now running for re-election against a long list of candidates, including the prominently Trump-allied Georgia Republican Congressman Doug Collins. Trump reportedly wanted Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp to appoint Collins to the seat in the first place rather than Loeffler.

Collins’s campaign directly responded to the ridiculous new Loeffler ad. They claimed that the clip shows that Loeffler thinks that “conservatives are grunting, filthy, mass-murdering open borders atheist polygamists.” In a September poll from Redfield & Wilton Strategies, Loeffler led, but barely — she had 26 percent of the support. Collins, in third place, had 19 percent. (Democrat Raphael Warnock was in between the two of them, with 21 percent. All candidates will be on the same ballot for this race.)