Putting Coronavirus Deaths In Perspectiive Visually

It is nearly impossible to wrap our minds around 220,368 Americans dead and buried from the dreaded COVID-19 virus. If a bomb had taken out Des Moines, Iowa, there would be pictures of the broken buildings, destruction, and dead. But there has been nothing to see with the coronavirus. It is as if America is fighting an invisible war that comes in the middle of the night and picks off the unwary one at a time. Here is an idea.
Fort Snelling National Cemetary in Minneapolis, Minnesota has over 180,000 graves. While that is not 220,368, these photos (below) will give us some idea as to the magnitude of this coronavirus pandemic.
Imagine that each of these graves represents a loved one lost to the pandemic after dying a terrible death. This grim reaper is not satisfied with just taking its victims. It tortures them first.
The next picture will pull out and show more graves, then again until the last one, which shows the entire 436 acres of graves.
That last photo tells what is happening to our country. If Donald Trump is allowed to indulge in the quackery of “herd immunity,” the dead will cover 45 to 55 Ft. Snelling cemeteries.
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