Michigan County Reverses Course & Votes To Certify Election


One of Trump’s last-ditch efforts to overturn a democratic election fell apart on Tuesday night, as yet another of his ridiculous conspiracy theories was exposed as just one more lie.

Earlier in the evening, the Wayne County Canvassing Board in Michigan had been split along party lines, with two Republicans voting against certifying the election results in their state and the two Democrats voting to certify them.

Michigan’s GOP party chair, Laura Cox, supported the split:

‘I am proud that, due to the efforts of the Michigan Republican Party, the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign, enough evidence of irregularities and potential voter fraud was uncovered resulting in the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refusing to certify their election results. This action will allow more time for us to get to the bottom of these deeply troubling irregularities.’

After discussion, they changed course later in the evening and unanimously voted to certify the elections. The controversy in Michigan’s elections began with Trump insisting that widespread voter fraud had occurred, as more votes than registered voters was counted. Republicans in Michigan went along with the ruse for a short time, and then made the decision to move forward and admit that Joe Biden won the electoral college votes in Michigan.

‘Mark Brewer, a leading Democratic election lawyer in Michigan, called the initial vote “outrageous, unprecedented and racist.”

‘He said the two White Republicans on the Wayne County board “have essentially disenfranchised Black voters.”

‘He said the Republicans on the board failed the county, state and their legal obligation. “They had a legal duty to certify” a vote that was fair he said.’