Chris Krebs Trolls Trump On ‘CBS Sunday’ By Confirming Biden Victory


President Donald Trump continues to refuse to accept the results of the recently concluded presidential election, which he conclusively and unequivocally lost. Amidst his desperate fight against the election results, Trump recently fired Chris Krebs from his post as the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at the Department of Homeland Security after Krebs helped develop a public statement from the department in which officials insisted that there’s no legitimate evidence of systematic election fraud. Krebs appeared on Face The Nation on CBS over the weekend, where he insisted that “the race is over” and “we’ve got to get ready for January 20th and the next administration,” meaning Biden’s.

Krebs commented, in part, as follows, in reference to the president’s brazenly false statements about the election:

‘I don’t know if it’s intentional or if it’s willful blindness, but the result of the 2020 election is clear… This race is over; we’ve got to get ready for January 20th and the next administration… In the House, they’ve accepted their outcomes in their races — I don’t see any difference here [with] the presidential race. It is well past the time where all leaders of the Republican Party need to accept the outcome of this race and move on and accept that Joe Biden is the president-elect.’

Check out his comments below:

Krebs also addressed the consequences of the rhetoric from the president and his allies, which he characterized as “corrosive.” Trump has spent the time sense Election Day spreading distrust of the electoral system among his followers on the basis of lies and conjecture.

Krebs commented as follows:

‘I do think it’s corrosive to confidence in the election, in democracy — the point of elections, it’s often been said by election officials, is that you’re trying to convince the loser that they lost, but to do that, you have to have willing participants that are honest brokers, and we’re just not seeing this right now… Any fraud claims, any security claims, any sorts of things along those lines — we’re just not seeing supporting evidence, and again, it is time to move on.’

Check out his comments below:

Krebs has previously spoken out about the threatening nature of the president’s anti-democratic rhetoric. On Saturday, Trump personally spoke with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (a Republican), urging him to call a special session of the state legislature, where Georgia legislators would appoint members of the electoral college for the state who support Trump — regardless of Biden’s win in the state’s popular vote. Trump’s authoritarian proposal would directly overturn the duly documented will of the people.

Trump pushed his lies at a Saturday evening rally in Georgia, where he was supposed to be stumping for Republican Senate candidates in the state who are on the ballot in early January. Trump used the rally as a festival of grievances. On Twitter, Krebs himself characterized the rally as part of “an active, coordinated #disinfo campaign to undermine confidence in our elections.” This disinformation was the work of the president of the United States.