Chris Wallace Fact-Checks Trump’s Health Secretary Live On ‘Fox Sunday’


There are several vaccines that Americans will start receiving within weeks, beginning with those who are at the frontlines of this war against the coronavirus pandemic, the medical people. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar was making the Sunday morning talk show rounds pushing a new vaccine. Polls show that Americans do not believe the vaccine is not safe, and here is why.

There are more than 14.700,212  cases of the virus In the US according to Google statistics. Plus, 283,190 people have died. That is more than 2,000 cases a day and pushing close to 3,000. Health experts expect that number to double by April 1, which may be an optimistic opinion.

No vaccine has ever made it through the development. and trial phases as quickly as these new COVID-19 vaccines. There has been some question about Azar’s credibility. Recent data showed that the Moderna vaccine protected the patient three months out. And they still showed elevated antibodies at the point, according to The New England Journal of Medicine.

Azar on Fox News Sunday appeared with Chris Wallace, too. The host said:

‘One of the reasons is because concern about politics. Why not stop the politics and let the scientists do their jobs?’

Azar claimed he had not interfered with scientists maintaining quality control integrity on the vaccines. Wallace interrupted:

‘But you’ve got the president tweeting that somehow the decision on when to release the vaccine was an effort to defeat him in the election. You’ve got the White House chief of staff calling in the FDA commissioner and say let’s get going faster. You may be letting the scientist do their job but people in the White House don’t appear to be.’

Wallace continued with the dismal statistics:

‘Secretary Azar, isn’t this the result of a massive failure by President Trump and his administration?’

Azar blamed “behavior and cold weather” for the increase in coronavirus cases. Then, Wallace said:

‘If President Trump had worn a mask then and urged everyone to wear a mask then — back in April — the way Joe Biden is right now, wouldn’t we be in much better shape?’

Azar played by the Trump rules, referring to President-elect Joe Biden as “Vice President Biden:

‘I welcome Vice President Biden to the club.’

Wallace corrected him:

‘He’s president-elect, sir.’

Sunday on ABC’s This Week also had Azar on the show. Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos asked Azar about the Federal Drug Authority and Prevention’s (FDA) approval:

‘If things are on track, the advisory committee goes well, I believe we could see FDA authorization within days. But it’s going to go according to FDA gold-standard processes, George, and I’m going to make sure it does.’

When Stephanopoulos asked if there was reason to believe the vaccine would not receive emergency use authorization, Azar said:

‘I’m going to defer to the FDA career scientists on this. I’m going to protect the independence and integrity of that decision making. I don’t know of any reason why the system is in any way off track.’

The Trump administration is “quite concerned” about a post-Thanksgiving surge, the secretary said:

Watch the ABC This Week video below where Azar said he expected “more general vaccination” in February and March:

‘“I believe we could see FDA authorization within days, but it’s going to go according to FDA’s gold standard processes.’

Here is the Fox News video below where Azar repeated his talking points nearly word for word in places:

Screenshot via YouTube.

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