Trump Lawyers Facing Federal Legal Trouble Over Phony Election Lawsuits


In a normal world with normal people, filing lawsuits with no basis in fact and no evidence of wrongdoing to present face legal trouble of their own. The very definition of a “frivolous lawsuit,” such as the ones Trump’s attorneys and supporters have brought to court in a bid to overturn a democratic election, is “a lawsuit, motion or appeal that is intended to harass, delay or embarrass the opposition. A claimis frivolous when the claim lacks any arguable basis either in law or in fact.” On Tuesday, Detroit City’s lead attorney David Fink accused Sydney Powell, a Trump supporting lawyer who was fired from Trump’s legal team for being more than a little crazy, of doing just that.

Fink alleges that Powell and her frivolous lawsuits have been brought to the courts in Detroit to harass the city, particularly since the areas Powell has targeted as having rigged an election is where the vast majority of people of color in Michigan live. In fact, that’s been the case in swing states across the country where Trump and his supporters are claiming that election fraud happened: all are in cities with a high proportion of black voters.

In Detroit, Fink tore down his opposing counsel, David Kallman, who called for a post-election audit in majority-black Wayne County, alleging that fraud was committed to steal the election from Donald Trump.

According to Law & Crime:

‘The fury and indignation behind the Detroit’s litigation came to a head at a remarkable hearing on Thursday afternoon, where Fink dressed down his opposing counsel David Kallman as an emissary of a racist and anti-democratic idea.

‘“The motion, while frivolous, serves a purpose,” Fink remarked, referring to Kallman’s request for a post-certification audit—focusing on his majority-Black city and diverse Wayne County.’