Kelly Loeffler Launches Unhinged Racist Meltdown On ‘Fox Sunday’


Over the weekend, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) — who is currently running for re-election in one of Georgia’s two ongoing Senate races — launched a racist tirade against her opponent, Democrat Raphael Warnock, during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. No matter the basic reality that Warnock (who is Black) is originally from Georgia and has served as senior pastor at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church — where the late Martin Luther King, Jr. preached — since 2005, Loeffler characterized Warnock as an “agent of change” and “out of step with Georgia,” as if he’s not legitimately Georgian enough to represent the state in the Senate. Characterizing Black people as societal intruders and not purely representative of wherever they happen to be from is a glaringly racist trope, no matter Loeffler’s original intention.

It’s worth noting — during her time on Fox, Loeffler also applied the “agent of change” description to Democrat Jon Ossoff, who’s running against her fellow incumbent Republican Georgia Senator, David Perdue. Ossoff is Jewish, and Jews have, of course, routinely faced the same kind of societal exclusion that Loeffler is pushing. Her comments seem racist and anti-Semitic.

She commented as follows:

‘It’s a choice. It’s a stark contrast between the freedoms — our way of life here in Georgia, or socialism, government control. We know the agenda of the Left, because Chuck Schumer told us he was gonna take Georgia and then change America, and we know that radical agenda is not just high taxes, open borders, defunding the police, government-run healthcare — but he has radical candidates in this race, his agents of change: radical liberal Raphael Warnock is my opponent; he is someone who would fundamentally change this country. His values are out of step with Georgia.’

Loeffler also said that she was “seriously looking at” joining the effort of some Republican Senators to block the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college victory when Congress meets to consider and certify the numbers on January 6, commenting as follows:

‘We have to make sure that Georgia and all of Americans trust our voting process, but my number one objective right now has to be winning on January 5, so that we can get to the bottom of what happened in these elections. We know that Democrats will never get to the bottom of it. That’s what we’re fighting here for, and I am continuing to fight for this president. He’s fought for us, and so we’re gonna stay on top of that.’

Her comments constitute a feat of hollow reasoning — no matter the total lack of legitimate evidence for systematic election fraud allegations, she’s insisting that there’s something to “get to the bottom of”… except in the event that she comes out on top, apparently. If other election outcomes are as illegitimate as Loeffler falsely claims, then why is her own election exempt?

Watch Loeffler’s new comments on Fox below: