Romney Trashes Trump Again & Hits GOP Leaders Too


During ex-President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) was the only Republican who voted to convict the then-president, and during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union over the weekend, Romney suggested that he was open to doing so again. The House impeached Trump for a second time after he incited violent rioting at the Capitol that is connected to multiple deaths. These rioters, who were Trump supporters, were attempting to forcibly disrupt the Congressional proceedings to certify the electoral college outcome and Biden’s victory, which Trump falsely claimed was the result of fraud.

Asked if he thinks that the second impeachment was “appropriate,” Romney answered in the affirmative, adding as follows:

‘I believe that what is being alleged and what we saw, which is incitement to insurrection, is an impeachable offense — if not, what is? It continues a pattern that the president had of trying to corrupt the election by his communication with Ukraine, by trying to corrupt the election with regards to the lie that he’s been spreading over the last several months, and then, if you will, firing up a crowd and encouraging them to march on the Capitol at the time that the Congress was carrying out its Constitutional responsibility to certify the election. These allegations are very serious. They haven’t been defended yet by the president; he deserves a chance to have that heard, but I think it’s important for us to go through the normal justice process and for there to be resolution.’

Check out his comments below:

Romney also addressed fellow Republicans, including Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Josh Hawley (Mo.), who helped spread the lie that the election outcome was dubious via publicly announcing plans to object to the certification of some of Biden’s electoral votes. No court ever accepted the claim of supposed systematic election fraud at any point.

Romney commented as follows:

‘I think history will provide a measure of judgment with regards to those that continued to spread the lie that the president began with, as well as the voters in our respective communities. I don’t think the Senate needs to take action. After all, there were thousands upon thousands of people who continued to spread the idea that the election had been stolen, and I hope people step back and say, where was it that the president got the idea that the election was fraudulently delivered? Did his Justice Department tell him that? No, as a matter of fact, they told him just the opposite… basically he either made this up out of mid-air or perhaps someone in their basement tweeted something out and he picked it up from there.’

Check out Romney’s comments below:

Romney added that public figures including Cruz and Hawley “now have a responsibility to set the record straight,” although this assessment might be giving too much credit to these Republican leaders, considering their past behavior. Neither Cruz nor Hawley have acknowledged an issue with their actions — Hawley, for his part, has self-importantly insisted that he was merely attempting to represent the interests of people in his home state who were concerned about the election, but instead of his anti-democratic and attention-seeking stunt, he could have provided these constituents with helpful information about the very well-documented security of the election.