International Financial Crimes Investigation Into Donald Trump Called For In Scotland


Donald Trump is poised to once again get away with his crimes committed in the office of U.S. president as Republicans cower before him, planning to argue that the timing of the impeachment trial is unconstitutional so that none of them have to lose a voter if they hold the disgraced former president accountable. Of course, they also argued that the timing wasn’t right while he was in office, so the GOP has given themselves a convenient out that will, most likely, work in Donald Trump’s favor. His incitement of a riot to overturn a democratic election will, undoubtedly, go unpunished.

That doesn’t, however, appear to be the case in Scotland. While the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, has argued that she must rely on other government officials to take action against Trump in the country where his Turnberry Golf Resort stands, elected leaders are pressuring her to begin an “unexplained wealth order” investigation into Trump’s multi-million dollar cash purchase of the golf property. It appears that this pressure has finally reached a boiling point, as an opposition debate is planned for Wednesday in the Scottish Court of Session.

According to The Scotsman:

‘Wednesday’s debate is being brought to the chamber by Patrick Harvie, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, who has repeatedly pressed Ms Sturgeon to look into “serious and evidenced concerns” surrounding Mr Trump’s purchases of the Turnberry resort, and land for his inaugural Scottish property in Aberdeenshire.’

Government officials appear eager to distance themselves from the twice-impeached Trump, although demands for an investigation began prior to Trump’s time in the Oval Office. His election made that investigation more diplomatically dangerous, but officials appear ready to begin now that Trump is back in Florida, preparing to defend himself in the Senate on February 9.

‘Mr Harvie told The Scotsman: “The Scottish Government has tried to avoid the question of investigating Donald Trump’s wealth for far too long. There are serious concerns about how he financed the cash purchases of his Scottish golf courses, but no investigation has ever taken place.’

These officials suspect that the money Trump used to buy Turnberry wasn’t exactly money earned legally, and the “McMafia” order is intended to curb attempts to launder money through Scottish purchases.

‘The Scotsman revealed last month how Aidan O’Neill QC, one of Scotland’s leading advocates, said Scottish ministers alone had responsibility for pursuing one of the so-called ‘McMafia’ orders, a legal mechanism designed to target suspected corrupt foreign officials who have potentially laundered stolen money through the UK.’