Joe Biden Surges As GOP Flops In Latest Approval Polls


People found out that 20 percent of Republicans are supporting someone other than Donald Trump. So, who would take one-fifth of their support? The answer in the flash Politico/Morning Consult Poll taken after the Senate trial is surprising.

From January 7 until January 25, just before the impeachment trial kicked off, the Morning Consult Poll discovered that the ex increased 18 points. Now 59 percent of Republicans still wanted the former president to be a major player in their party.

President Joe Biden had a 62 percent approval rating overall in the poll. The reason was that 92 percent of Democrats supported him. Additionally, a strong showing of 20 percent of Republicans favored Biden.

A full 56 percent supported the impeachment only moving to 58 percent after Donald Trump was acquitted.

While Trump’s overall favorability rating is an abysmal 34% in our latest poll, 81% of Republican respondents gave him positive marks. Trump was at 77% approval among Republicans on Jan. 7 and 74% on Jan. 25.’

Even in the face of condemning videos of the insurrection and the impeachment managers’ (House attorneys) “gripping presentation,” the GOP remained loyal to Trump, according to The Politico.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) began trying to pry off the former president’s grip on the Republicans. McConnell gave a blistering, condemning speech on Trump immediately after he voted to acquit him. He also wrote The Wall Street Journal op-ed explaining his position on Monday. This was all for the purpose of retaining power in the 2022 elections.

At this point in time, 53 percent of all Republicans would cast their 2024 primary vote for Trump. Of course, three years in political time is three lifetimes. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, who blatantly supported the insurrection, polled below five percent. These other politicians did not do well either:

‘All the other Republican hopefuls are polling in the low single digits, besides Mike Pence, who received 12 percent. Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Mitt Romney, Kristi Noem, Larry Hogan, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott and Rick Scott all polled below 5%. Only Donald Trump Jr. and Nikki Haley punched through at 6%.’

Instigators of the insurgency spread conspiracy theories diluting their involvement in the attempted coup. A full 83 percent of the Democratic interviewees believed that rioters supported Trump. However, Republicans were divided. Forty-three percent said the mob supported Trump. There was 29 percent who thought they were Trump’s opponents, such as supporters of the deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) as Donald Trump Jr. opined. Then, 27 percent were uncertain.

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)  frequently appeared on cable news.  However, he voted to impeach Trump. His family disagreed. There were 11 members who wrote a two-page letter indicating:

‘[He] embarrassed the Kinzinger family name.’

Several of Biden’s key issues raised his approval rating, according to CNBC:

‘[H]is proposed $1.9 trillion relief bill, hiking the minimum wage, expanding health coverage and battling inequality.’

The survey had a margin of error of “plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.”

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