Lauren Boebert’s Re-Election Chances Crumble Already After Challenged Announced


The gunslinger from Colorado worked her way into the nation’s Capitol Building via the election system. Yet, the QAnon supporter Representative Laurent Boebert (R-CO) refused to say whether she brought a loaded gun onto the floor and avoided the metal detectors assiduously. Now, it appears that she has some serious competition for 2022.

A state representative from Colorado Donald Valdez (D-CO) stands ready and able to challenge the controversial Boebert in 2022. He labeled her a “threat to democracy.” In addition, he heaped blame upon her for her part in helping bring on the January 6 attempted coup at the Washington D.C. Capitol.

Valdez commented during the video:

‘What happened on January 6th wasn’t just an attack on the Capitol, it was an outright assault on our democracy.’

‘They threatened to hang members of Congress. Murdered a police officer. And Lauren Boebert? She egged them on. That’s why I’m running against her.’

During the attempted insurrection, legislators of all parties were mere feet and seconds away from a bloody massacre. Boebert has owned her belief in QAnon conspiracy theories, and tweeted out legislators’ locations as the Capitol Building was overrun by an enraged crush of people.

Thus far, 68 congressional leaders have called for an investigation into the part she played during the siege, according to The Denver Post. Valdez “horrified” she appeared to “fan the flames of insurrection:”

‘As a Coloradan, I was horrified to see Lauren Boebert fan the flames of insurrection. Now, I’m running for CO-3 to fight for truth and restore dignity to our district.— Donald Valdez for Colorado (@DonaldValdezCO) February 18, 2021’

Valdez called for Boebert to be censured for being a part in the run on the nation’s Capitol.

He took 58 percent of the votes against his Republican opponent for the seat he now holds. Prior to entering politics, the representative was a sheriff’s deputy in Conejos County. He has had a long record on issues in the legislature that have been very important to his constituents: “water, education, and rural health care.”

Valdez represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. In addition, he is a farmer and rancher. He said:

‘Being a true steward of the land is in my blood. Wild conspiracy theories won’t protect our water, expand rural health care or improve our schools.’

Valdez also ran in the primary against Boebert in the 2020 election, just one of many Democrats. It seems that five additional Democrats are in the running for her seat now.  She won the 2020 election against another state representative Diane Mitsch Bush (D) by six points:

‘At least five others are in the running for the Democratic nomination, including attorney Colin Wilhelm, rancher Gregg Smith and state Sen. Kerry Donovan (D), who represents the Vail area.’

Thus far, Sol Sandoval and Root Routledge are also seeking the seat in 2022.

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