Resignation Of Senator Ted Cruz Demanded In Texas


What does a person do when they live in Texas during a frigid snowstorm rolling across their home? Let us say they, like millions of Texans, had no electricity, no food, and no water. What should a person do?

If an individual is the smarmy Ed Haskell (Leave It To Beaver Character) of the Senate, one Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), he would take his family to jet off for a vacation in the much warmer Cancun, Mexico climes. Problem solved — for him, but not for his constituents.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa released a statement that indicated Cruz’s vacation was “disturbing and disappointing.”

He went after Cruz for challenging the Electoral College vote prior to the attempted coup on America’s Capitol on January 6. Then, he said Cruz should now resign for “jetting off to Mexico while Texans remained dying in the cold, according to The Washington Post:”

‘The Texas Democratic Party calls on Ted Cruz to resign or be expelled from office. Barring that, we will put all of the resources we have into defeating him and every Texas Republican who abandoned us in this disaster, including Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick, in 2022 and 2024. We are in a battle for the soul of our state. We must restore ethics, competence, and a government that works for the people.’

The Associated Press and Fox News both confirmed that Cruz was indeed vacationing in Mexico. Once caught sneaking out of the country and called onto the carpet, Cruz will probably make an immediate return.

Texas has not experienced a storm and freezing temperatures this bad since the 1890s — 131 years ago. A second storm is expected to race across the state shortly. Dozens of Texans have died as a direct result of the extreme weather.

Attempts to deal with the temperature’s consequences have not helped. Indeed, some have made the situation much worse. Now with water levels growing low, people have been asked to boil their drinking water. The problem with that is many people have no water, no electricity, no food.

A number of grocery stores closed, because their power is out. People who get to those that are open are disappointed to find that there are long lines and little food or bottled water.

Democratic super PAC, American Bridge, wants Cruz to resign, too, according to a newly released statement:

‘Senator Cruz should do his constituents a favor and stay on the beach instead of getting paid by taxpayers to do a job he clearly has no interest in doing.’

Those who had access to the internet were outraged with the Texas senator. Then, former Representative Beto O’Rourke stepped up to the plate to help his fellow Texans:

‘We made over 151,000 calls to senior citizens in Texas tonight. One of our [volunteers] talked to a man stranded at home w/out power in Killeen, hadn’t eaten in 2 days, got him a ride to a warming center and a hot meal. Help us reach more people, join us tomorrow.’

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