Biden’s Latest Approval Surge Has Republicans Sounding The Alarm


The nation sighed a collective sigh of relief as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn into office on January 20, 2021. The sound of President Biden’s voice such a balm that it should be put on a loop for citizens to go to sleep listening. It was not until after Donald Trump flew off to golf-Heaven that we realized how wearing those four terrible years had been. And the polls reflect this.

After a month on the job, a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll showed that President Biden had the approval of a full 61 percent of the voters. In an exclusive, The Hill wrote that his approval numbers are “markedly higher than” Trump’s:

‘Biden’s initial approval numbers are markedly higher than those of former President Trump when he first took office. The first Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey of Trump’s presidency, conducted in February 2017, showed his approval rating at 48 percent.’

As much as the alt-right, super-white, terrorist groups infiltrate the Republican Party, only 39 percent of those who responded to the poll disapprove of the current White Houses resident’s job. To hear those in blind pursuit of power and all those they idolize, one would think that number would have been far higher.

There is still a “partisan divide in early perceptions of Biden’s presidency.” Most Democrats approve of President Biden’s performance. Even almost one-third of GOP voters (31 percent) approve of how 46 is handling the job. Trump was never this popular.

The majority of those who participated in the poll, 55 percent, approve of Biden’s job, which is up seven percentage points from January’s poll:

‘Biden’s approval rating is accompanied by a rise in approval for his party as a whole. Overall, 55 percent of respondents said they approve of the Democratic Party, marking a 7-point increase since January, when slightly less than half of those surveyed gave the party a positive review.’

The GOP lags behind at 44 percent in the poll. Director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll Mark Penn said “President Biden is having a honeymoon along with the Democrats:”

‘Unlike Trump, president Biden is having a honeymoon along with the Democrats. The country is turning to them and giving them the opportunity to get the country vaccinated and the economy moving. It’s not the biggest of honeymoons but it’s still a real opportunity for the party and presidency to grow.’

Overall, the country’s attitude tends to be on the uprise. There are 47 percent who think the nation is heading in the “wrong direction.” That is down from 63 percent in January, though.

The percent of voters who believe the country is on the right track moved dramatically from 27 in January to 43 percent in February.

People have more confidence that the economy appears to be on the upswing after the coronavirus pandemic hit America last year. A full 40 percent of voters thought the economy was on “the right track.” In January only 29 percent thought it was going in the right direction. A heavy 58 percent claimed it was heading in the wrong direction.

Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll Table of Contents:

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SOURCE: Harvard-Harris Poll. Table of Contents

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll interviewed 2,006 registered voters from February 23 to 25. “It is a collaboration of the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University and The Harris Poll.”

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