Georgia GOP Forced To Abandon Voting Restrictions After Backlash


The GOP aka the despicable shrinking Republican Party has known for decades that the party’s ultimate goal had shifted to greed and was at odds with its people. While most voters who chose to vote for the “R” assumed they were voting for the party that had always been around for them, the party has quietly betrayed them. Its legislators are like cardboard cutouts filling a football stadium. No more fiscal responsibility, No more unions. No more bipartisanship. Actually, not much of anything. The situation is dire.

Our nation has worked best with two viable, but different parties working in tandem. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) nicknamed himself the “Grim Reaper.” How appropriate for a dying GOP. He killed nearly all the bills the House sent to the Senate. McConnell’s stranglehold has led to even more people leaving the party. They have almost zero moderate lawmakers, formerly known as conservatives legislators.

Donald Trump walked in and put a megaphone to people’s darkest urges after the Republicans robbed them of a life they could value. He ginned up an angry mob intent upon killing the U.S. government, figuratively and literally. Then, he rode on its back to the Capitol, jumping off before he would acquire any blame.


The not-so-GOP in Georgia decided to do away with no-excuse absentee voting and to do away with early voting on Sundays. Fewer Democratic voters meant more Republican wins. Those red-hot controversial acts were met with outrage. Voters went to corporations with their buying power and said support us or lose our business.

Now, Republicans have introduced dozens of bills restricting Democratic voters’ ultimate power, the power of their votes. These GOP-led states across the country have been cranking out bills.

The state that gave Democrats the Senate, Georgia’s Chairman of the Special Committee on Election Integrity State Representative Barry Fleming (R), suggested that early voting be offered up to four weekend days prior to any election. That would include “two mandatory Saturdays statewide,” up from the counties that offered just one Saturday. The counties could option three other weekend days.

From Harlem, Fleming said according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC):

‘Your momma taught you when you were young, not a lot of good things happen after midnight. It adds to suspicion when in the wee hours of the morning, you’re still counting.’


Executive Director of Common Cause Georgia, Aunna Dennis, commented:

‘This bill cuts at every part of the voting process in Georgia and is making it very difficult for the most vulnerable populations in Georgia to be able to cast a ballot.’

DeKalb County Republican Party member Marci McCarthy said:

‘These bills are not about voter suppression. They’re about restoring fitness, faith and trust in elections.’

Heard County Election Supervisor Tonie Adams added that absentee ballot drop boxes would be limited. They would be located inside early voting sites and only during early voting. In Georgia that would be the Friday prior to election day. She said:

‘This bill renders them useless. The post office process was also a problem.’

The proposed election legislation, SB 202, would:

  • ‘Require more absentee voter ID
  • Limit absentee ballot drop boxes
  • Set a deadline to request absentee ballots 11 days before election day
  • Disqualify provisional ballots cast in the wrong county precinct
  • Prohibit the distribution of food to voters waiting in line
  • Restrict absentee ballot application mailings
  • Authorize the State Election Board to take over underperforming county election offices’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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