Grandparents Reunite With Grandchildren After COVID-19 Vaccinations


What does a second dose of the COVID-19 mean to people? The responses have been relief, hope, but even something more precious. Take a look at what happened to these people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had just released its guides for fully-vaccinate people.

‘Grandparents can hug their unvaccinated grandchildren, especially if they are local, as the CDC still says people should avoid travel.’

Jean Chvala, 71, of Ford City, Pennsylvania received her second dose of the vaccine. After waiting the required several weeks until the vaccine was in full effect, she was finally able to reunite with her grandson, who is three-years-old.

Chvala had not seen her grandson since Christmas 2019, over a year ago. She commented:

‘It was hard. But I FaceTimed him and then I got to talk to him, you know through video chat. But it was hard not being with him.’

Mrs. Chvala finally was finally able to give Tax a good grandma hug, WTAE Pittsburgh Action News 4 reported. Everything was captured on video by her daughter-in-law Kelsey.

The little guy ran into Mrs. Chvala’s arms for a long, healing hug. Healing for both grandmother and grandson. Kelsey told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that the whole experience was “absolutely priceless,” ABC News reported:

‘The reaction was absolutely priceless and filled our hearts with so much love. It makes me want to tear up right now because it’s just such a precious moment that we haven’t had.’

Kelsey said:

‘All he ever said was, “I wanna go to Nana’s, I miss my Nan.” And it just breaks our heart.’

It was a lonely year for this grandmother, Evelyn Shaw. She lived alone and had not hugged anyone in all that time. The coronavirus pandemic separated her from those she most loved, her daughter and her grandchildren.

Mrs. Shaw, 71, was afraid to hug her grandchildren even after she had her shots. So, her oldest granddaughter went to the doctor and received a doctor’s note giving them permission to hug. It read:

‘You are allowed to hug your granddaughter.’

Atarat Frank, 23, told Inside Edition:

‘It’s been a lonely year for grandmother Evelyn Shaw. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, she hasn’t been able to hug the people she loves most in the world: her daughter and beloved grandkids. “It was very hard knowing that she was all alone in her apartment, day in and day out. Never seeing anyone, never hugging anyone, never touching anyone.’

When the long-awaited hug finally happened, Shaw and her granddaughter cried as they embraced:

‘It was wonderful, and it was something I’m going to remember for the rest my life. I want to thank the doctor for writing this prescription.’

This young boy was finally reunited with his grandparents, but he did not know they were coming. Instead, they surprised him:

Human Kind/Human Media offers an NPR podcast of people doing good works. The nonprofit organization is located in Belmont, Massachusetts near Boston. It produces videos and radio shows for public television and public radio. David Freudberg, Executive Producer wrote in his mission statement:

‘Our efforts recognize the exciting, evolving apparatus of mass communications as an unprecedented opportunity for public service. The purpose is to help build a more cohesive sense of community for us all.’

Human Media captured these videos of a toddler once more able to be near his grandma.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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