Buttigieg Rolls Over GOP During ‘ABC Sunday’


The Biden team has put forward a major infrastructure spending proposal that would support nationwide efforts to repair roadways, replace all lead pipes that are still in use, expand the country’s clean energy capacity, and more. Republicans in leadership roles have complained about the plans, but polling has revealed support for the broad ideas from a solid majority of overall Americans. Over the weekend, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg went on ABC’s This Week with host George Stephanopoulos where he systematically dismantled Republican objections to the plan.

Amazingly, South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem recently publicly complained that the plans include money for pipes because, as she put it in apparent total seriousness, that’s not “infrastructure.” What does she think that pipes are? Missions to Mars?

Buttigieg pointedly commented as follows;

‘Let’s be clear — there’s a lot more than roads and bridges that are part of infrastructure. I heard the governor of South Dakota recently saying, ‘This isn’t infrastructure — it’s got money for pipes.’ Well, we believe that pipes are infrastructure, because you need water to live. And too many families now live with the threat of lead poisoning. That’s absolutely infrastructure. You talk about roads and bridges, but also airports and ports. We need to make sure that we have broadband.’

Watch his comments below:

Besides the other measures, the proposals also include money for expanding broadband internet capacity in rural communities. Buttigieg added as follows:

‘I think we’re going to find a really good, strong deal-space on this, because again, most Americans want to get it done… I saw some research come back showing that the American people like this plan even more when you explain how we’re gonna pay for it, and the reason is simple, which is that corporations, we all know, have not been paying their fair share. A lot of multinational corporations have been paying zero on billions of dollars in profits.’

A recent Data for Progress survey revealed that a full 57 percent of overall respondents supported the idea of a “large infrastructure bill.” When asked a similar question that this time included a list of specific spending areas that could be included in the final legislation, support among overall respondents grew to 69 percent. The Trump administration repeatedly promised so-called “infrastructure weeks,” but no infrastructure plan ever passed under the Trump administration.

Buttigieg added as follows:

‘Time is of the essence. So we’ll look at these ideas on how to pay for it; we’ll look at ideas on where the investments oughta be too, but the president is hoping for major progress from Congress before Memorial Day, and we can’t allow this thing to just keep dragging on because the need is there today… We’re determined to make sure that ‘infrastructure week’ is no longer a punchline around Washington.’

Check out Buttigieg’s explanatory comments below: