Matt Gaetz’s High School Classmates Come Forward With The Truth


It probably comes as no surprise that Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has always been an oddball or worse. After all, former Attorney General (AG) William Barr put him under investigation regarding the sex trafficking of a minor. But we want to hear what 21 of his high school classmates had to say about him. And here they are.

Business Insider talked to 21 of his high school classmates who said:

‘Honestly it was “What are they going to dig up next?”‘

One classmate Jim Keith said the representative was “emotional vampire.” He used to think:

‘Oh, God, here comes Matt.’

Kira Bloechl was on a public-speaking forensics team with him. She said:

‘I’ve met people like Matt and it’s one of those things that every once in a while you’d go, ‘Oh, maybe I’m reading this wrong.” And then two seconds later you’d go “Oh, no, he’s just an asshole.”‘

‘He — with his dad being who he was — thought he was better than everyone else and we were just ants, is how I felt.’

At Erin Scot’s friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner, Gaetz pulled out his phone and started passing around a “definitely sexual” photo of a woman, according to The Business Insider interview. She said:

‘I feel like she was on a bed and maybe as she’s looking at the camera like on all fours “a private moment.”‘

The House Committee on Ethics is investigating a number of “accusations against Gaetz, including one involving the congressman showing colleagues ‘inappropriate’ images on the House floor:”

‘In general, it’s like he always kind of wanted, regardless of whether it was a sexual conquest or any other sort of achievement, he was very big on letting you know that he did it.’


Scot said:

‘While the rest of us grew up, Gaetz stayed the same.’

She added:

‘Gaetz is a smarmy womanizer with no intention of doing anything for the district that doesn’t first and foremost advance his political career.’

He advised his high school friends that if they were pulled over by the police:

‘Throw your keys away from the car … if the car wasn’t operating, you were safe. He also recommended chugging a drink in front of the police officer “so a Breathalyzer was moot.”‘

Scot added:

‘He always thought he was the best debater there and thought he was better than everyone else.’

Gaetz’s father was a powerful Republican political businessman turned state senator. His parents’ net worth is $29.6 million, according to The Forbes Magazine.

It seems, he embraced being a nerd. The Florida representative twitter-taunted comedian Bill Maher:

‘I have 20 weeks debate camp experience, sir, and I’d love to show off my misspent youth on your show.’

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‘He was the debate guy. If you were in a debate kind of situation, you wanted Matt on your team.’

When a girl moved into a “coveted slot at a debate camp,” he warned he would sic his dad on her. One classmate said:

“He was, like, ‘You don’t speak like that to me, or I’m going to call my dad and have him call some people at Dartmouth so your admission gets withdrawn.’

Even in middle school, he was a jerk. He took on a teacher over the meaning of “archipelago,” according to classmate and daughter of the teacher Jessica Miranda.

Another classmate Dante Donahoo said:

 ‘[He] thought he was smarter than the teacher. He was pretty loud back then” in the same way he “tries to overtalk people on TV” [now].’

‘Hopefully, whatever is true comes out and is handled in the correct way.’

Scot said:

‘I want to see people called out for who they really are, and I think Matt keeps telling us who he really is. So I just want to go on the record saying, “Yeah, that’s true.”‘

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