Dominion Accuses Sidney Powell Of Raiding Nonprofit To Pay Her Bills


One of the previous ex-president’s former attorneys considers herself a “Kraken releaser,” but that is odd in oh, so many ways. First of all, a Kraken is a Norweigan sea monster, and Sidney Powell lives in Dallas, Texas. That city has not been at water’s edge for about 100 million years when it would have been submerged under the Niobraran Sea.

Even the crazed 45th president distanced himself from her after she started spouting an Old Faithful geyser’s worth of lunacy but kept not-so-stable Rudy Giuliani around. The ex-POTUS may have also wondered if the lawsuit the voting machine corporation Dominion Voting Systems brought against her for $1.3 billion was contagious.

The Kraken releaser is in big trouble. She started a 501 (c) (4) organization Defending the Republic (DTR). It may look like a nonprofit, but it is not listed with the IRS tax-exempt organization database, because of that (c) (4) designation. Donations are not tax-exempt. She tells those she wants to donate, The Washington Post reported:

‘[H]er group, Defending the Republic, is a legal defense fund to protect the integrity of U.S. elections. This February she listed it with Florida’s Division of Corporations as a nonprofit formed for “social welfare purposes.”’

John Sabal aka QAnon John urged his followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory group to donate, saying that he decided to financially support Powell’s nonprofit, DTR. He did say the funds were not for her personal use.

But Dominion, which sued her over her claims of a “rigged presidential election” said “the true beneficiary of her social welfare organization is Powell herself:”

‘Powell has raided Defending the Republic’s coffers to pay for personal legal expenses, citing her own remarks from a radio interview.’

Logan Strain co-hosts a podcast about QAnon and other conspiracy theories. He said she is a “hero of the republic” among QAnon followers. He also said she has appeared on QAnon promoters’ YouTube channels. According to him, QAnon people believe:

‘Trump has been secretly fighting a cabal of “deep state” enemies, prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites.’

Strain said it is possible Powell could be working this movement as a source of funds. The attorney said:

‘There is a great deal of money to be made in promoting and catering to QAnon.’

Powell and Trump fixer and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani filed over 60 lawsuits spread over swing states. They lost all but one, which passed on a technicality. When she threatened to “blow up” Georgia by filing a “biblical” court case, Trump’s attorneys stepped away from the craziness. Powell said:

‘She would release “the Kraken,” an apparent reference to the film “Clash of the Titans” in which Zeus gives the order to release the mythical sea monster.’

Dominion lawyers wrote in a May 5 court filing:

‘Now, Powell seeks to abuse the corporate forms she created for her law firm and fundraising website to hide funds that she raised through her defamatory campaign, shielding those funds from the very company that was harmed by the defamatory campaign.’

Her attorney Howard Kleinhendler noted that malpractice insurance covers her personal legal bills. He also said that her nonprofit organization was properly structured. In an email the attorney said about his client:

‘She does not have unfettered control over its funds or how the funds are spent.’

Dominion pointed toward Powell’s claims on a December 29th The Rush Limbaugh Show. She told the audience that they could go to her website and donate to her nonprofit:

‘[T]hat is working to help defend all these cases and to defend me now that I’m under a massive attack from the attorney general of Michigan and the city of Detroit and everything else.’

In the meantime, the state’s all-Democratic Michigan’s governor, secretary of state, and attorney general want Powell permanently disbarred:

‘[D]isbar Powell for ethical violations over election lawsuits.’

‘[She treated Defending the Republic] as her personal funds, redirecting them to the law firm she controls and dominates … and raiding them to pay for her personal legal defense.’

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