Trump Right Hand Man Put Under Criminal Investigation In New York


Just like Trump’s campaign, his “university,” and even his charity, his business is now under criminal investigation. Apparently, surrounding yourself with criminals who end up in prison indicates that, just maybe, you’re just as corrupt as they are.

The Trump Organization’s chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, is now officially under criminal investigation for tax fraud. Policies related to Trump’s provision of perks to his employees, rather than money, was a way to avoid paying income taxes since the perks were not reported on tax filings.

According to The New York Times:

‘The office of the attorney general, Letitia James, notified the Trump Organization in a January letter that it had opened a criminal investigation related to the chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, the people said. The investigators have examined whether taxes were paid on fringe benefits that Mr. Trump gave him, including cars and tens of thousands of dollars in private school tuition for at least one of Mr. Weisselberg’s grandchildren.’

Since those taxes were not paid or reported by either the business or Weisselberg, this is now an alleged criminal case of tax fraud. Attorney General Letitia James announced on Wednesday that the investigation into the organization had moved from being a civil to a criminal case. It appears one of the central targets is Weisselberg, who may be left with no other choices than prison or giving up Trump.

‘The district attorney’s office has been investigating the extent to which Mr. Trump handed out fringe benefits to some of his executives, including Mr. Weisselberg…in general, fringe benefits — which can include cars, flights and club memberships — are taxable, though there are some exceptions. Companies are typically responsible for withholding such taxes from an employee’s paycheck.’

However, Weisselberg is not the only one facing legal difficulties as a result of the investigation. Originally, he was the target; since then, AG James has announced that other people within the Trump Organization are also being investigated.

‘In recent weeks, Ms. James’s office suggested to the company in a new letter that it had broadened the criminal investigation beyond the focus on Mr. Weisselberg, one of the people said. It was unclear how the inquiry had widened.’