Press Secretary Psaki Nails Fox Correspondent With Killer Look


President Joe Biden’s decades of DC Capitol experience prepared him well for his top job. He knows who the best of the best are for any of the many numbers of his administration’s positions. Some require Senate confirmation but others do not need to go through that process. As a result, POTUS’ White House runs like a perfectly synchronized NIST-approved (National Institute of Standards and Technology) machine with its many intricate, interlaced, substantial moving parts.

One of those top professionals is White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Her job is among the toughest. Ever ready to make her job even more difficult, Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy appears to relish antagonizing her. It must drive him crazy that he cannot get her to lose it or to give up some private information, but his ignorance is embarrassing.

Monday, Doocy harassed her about foreign policy, trying to get her to give away more than President Biden would have wanted, The New Civil Rights Movement reported. The very foundation of her job is to stay on the president’s message. Doocy did his best to get her to make foreign policy from the briefing room, pressing harder and harder. That was a mistake.

He suggested that our new, honest-to-God president should just put China on the Oval Office speakerphone. Then, POTUS could just reel in mega-doses of data regarding how the novel coronavirus originated. Three scientists experimenting with the virus had to be hospitalized before the turn of the year.

Yet, the Fox reporter could not get the best of Psaki.

However, Doocy was not finished. He would not let go of the idea America could go rogue and circumvent the World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation. Wonder where he got that idea.

She fixed the reporter with a look that could peel paint from a car and gave him the “you’re an idiot” equivalent:

‘I think you’re misunderstanding how this process actually works. First of all, we need access to the underlying data and information in order to have that investigation.’

Doocy continued to argue, invoking a right-wing conspiracy theory that went something, but not literally, like this:

‘Chinese scientists worked their dark magic in a secret Wuhan, China lab to invent an evil virus. Right?’

Doocy also questioned whether the virus packed its bags and made a break for the U.S., or maybe it was a double-dip conspiracy theory:

‘Does the President think these theories we hear more about now, that COVID-19 may have been manmade and escaped from a lab in China are a wacky conspiracy theory or based on what he has heard and been briefed on does he think that’s possible?’

Psaki spoke to him as if he were an errant kindergartner:

‘Well, we went through this journey together yesterday so let’s do it again. So, the President believes there needs to be an independent investigation, one that’s run by the international community, it’s an international pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world.’

‘He believes the Chinese need to do more to put forward data to be more transparent and in the second phase of this effort, he’s certainly hopeful that will be the case. And he believes that every theory should be explored through that process, but that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions before that data and that information is made available.’

The moral is Psaki can beat any reporter jogging around the White House Press Room six times over without breaking a sweat, even on her worst days.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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