Activists ‘Dox’ Right Wing Extremist And Big Consequences Followed


All of a sudden, a close group surrounded her and another journalist, stepping on her toes and yelling at her on the streets of Washington D.C. She kept her camera rolling and responded by demanding that the man quit touching her.

He yelled back at her:

‘What’s up, you stupid b—-?’

When she posted the attack on YouTube and Twitter, it went viral. The man who attacked her was from Washington state, Edward Dawson. A local Antifa (anti-fascist) member quickly found out who he was. The group then pulled up his address and phone number from public records.

Anti-fascist activist Christain Exoo tweeted it to his more than 50,000 followers, according to The Washington Post. 

Doxing is the name of what Antifa and other leftist organizations use to expose far-right extremists, and their violent acts to their family, friends, and employers. As a result of this incident, Dawson was fired from his job. Within the month, his wife was fired from her Walmart job, too.

She thought she had been fired over her politics but did admit that she had lost much work due to her back issues. After the table was turned, Dawson and his wife were showered in calls. Some even asked the couple to kill themselves. Not only did he lose his job, but his next job also paid far less. The man has still stood defiant.

Free-lance journalist Laura Jedeed, a well-known activist in Portland, responded:

‘From a practical perspective, I feel like being unemployable is going to push him in a more extreme direction. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be able to act like that and then have nothing happen to you.’

Right-wing extremist attacks and plots far outweigh those from the left, and the right certainly has had responsibility for more deaths. The FBI certainly agree that they cause more deaths and are considered “lethal domestic” terrorists.

Exoo works part-time in a St. Lawrence University library in Canton, New York, and he is a well-known anti-fascist. He also teaches classes on “public records and social media research to activists:”

‘Our focus is on protecting our communities by making it as hard as possible to be a Nazi. We can’t always change hearts, but at least organizing is going to be harder for [Dawson] in the future.’

The Dawsons consider themselves friends and followers of Joey Gibson, who founded the Patriot Prayer in 2016. The group has met in Portland or surrounding areas many times.

Michelle Dawson went to  a Patriot Prayer rally for the first time in 2019:

‘He talked a lot about freedom of God. I’ve seen his fire and I’ve seen that he had a voice and he wasn’t afraid to use it.’


Michelle Dawson won her race for a city council seat in Yacolt, Washington (near Portland, Oregon). She ran on a gun rights platform and first became interested in politics when Trump ran:

‘I was the kind of person that didn’t talk about politics. I felt like my vote didn’t matter.’

Her husband spent six years in Washington state prison for felony possession of a controlled substance. He said being in prison cured his drug and alcohol addictions:

‘I came out, got rid of every friend that ever had anything to do with it and started building. Met my wife, got married, bought a home, bought trucks, toys. It’s totally changed my life.’

Patriot Prayer, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Identity Evropa all follow the same basic philosophy. But Dawson does not think of himself as a white nationalist. And he does not believe there is anything wrong with these groups:

‘How is white nationalism racist? Is it racist to be proud of who you are? There’s nothing more racist than saying “Black lives matter,” yet I’m the racist one when I say all lives matter?’

Jedeed believed in the war on terrorism:

‘I thought bringing freedom and democracy to oppressed people would be cool, but it was pretty hard to escape the fact that the Afghans did not want us there. . . . And you think, “We’re not the good guys here.”‘

So, Jedeed spent time in the military which gave her the ability to remain calm during intense moments.

Dawson yelled “F—antifa!’ and  “How does it feel to be a Nazi fascist?” And Jedeed said:

‘This was as bad as it’s ever been. I’ve studied the way they make propaganda and I know that the only way out is to be as calm and assertive as possible and not rise to the bait.’

Dawson  noted:

‘So I kind of knew at that point in time that I needed to defuse the situation “I was pushing Proud Boys and patriots out of the way to get her to safety. I mean, I wasn’t harassing anyone. I just wanted to make her feel just a little bit scared.’

Daniel Berry of Wisconsin joined the Proud Boys in search of the camaraderie he found in the military. Instead, he found this, The USA Today newspaper reported:

‘Berry, along with a member of the Wisconsin Proud Boys and another former recruit, told USA TODAY the group is a den of racism and antisemitism. Moving up within the group, they said, is dependent on sadistically bullying potential members and promoting white supremacist talking points.’

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