Minimal Crowd Gathers For Marjorie Greene’s ‘Big’ 4th Of July Appearance


On Saturday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) posted footage of her participation in a July 4th parade in Tallapoosa, Georgia — and, based on the footage, there was hardly anybody there. In one of the clips that she shared, Greene can be seen waving from a slowly moving vehicle at folks who had gathered along the side of the road, and the footage shows just small, scattered handfuls of people. A similar scene played out in a follow-up clip that shows Greene making her way through an apparent residential area as part of the same parade.

Watch the footage below:

Apparently, Tallapoosa — which is in Greene’s Congressional district — has a population of a little over 3,000. The town, though, is certainly not an island, so interested individuals from nearby communities could have headed over to the event. Did Greene’s team promote her appearance at the parade? The footage showing the Congresswoman in a residential area features some scattered cheering, apparently showcasing support for her — and that’s just about it. No cheering seems to be audible in the other clip, although it was captured from a vantage point closer to the Congresswoman instead of closer to the thin crowd.

Interestingly, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) — a favorite target of frenzied right-wingers — also posted images of herself at an Independence Day celebration over the weekend, and based on the photos that Omar posted, there were considerably more attendees at her event. The Minnesota gathering where Omar appeared took place in a city called Edina, which apparently has a population approaching 52,000. While that’s certainly a larger figure than the Tallapoosa population, it’s also a lot closer than it could be considering the sizes of certain metropolitan areas in this country. Apparently, Tallapoosa includes an area of about 10 and a half square miles, while Edina stands at almost 16 square miles — so again, they’re a lot closer in size to one another than they very well could be. Omar nevertheless drew what appeared like a more enthusiastic response.