Pepsi, Target & 100+ Companies Unite To Demand Voting Rights Bill


To hear the GOP tell it, Democrats have lied by saying that voter suppression bills being passed all over the country will restrict access to the ballot box. They have duped Americans into believing this, Republicans are insisting, including even Major League Baseball, who pulled the All-Star game from Georgia over one of these disastrous bills.


It isn’t just MLB, however, standing up against these bills. More than 150 U.S. companies, including Pepsi Co., Amazon, and Target, have signed a letter to Congress in solidarity with President Joe Biden’s For the People Act, a piece of legislation that may very well save democracy for future generations.

According to NBC News, the letter said that:

‘Despite decades of progress, impediments to exercising the right to vote persist in many states, especially for communities of color. We need federal protections to safeguard this fundamental right for all Americans.’

The bill would protect voting access on a federal level and prevent red states like Georgia and Texas from passing laws that suppress voter turnout, which has been a goal since the historic turnout in 2020 that lost the GOP the White House and Senate. The debate over how best to enact such legislation has raged in recent days as states like Texas work to pass some of the most restrictive voting laws in decades.

‘The letter comes after dozens of Texas Democrats fled the state for Washington to try to block a restrictive voting law from being passed. The members of the state House will attempt to run out the clock on a special session of the legislature while lobbying Congress for federal legislation, particularly the For the People Act.’

After the “Big Lie” of 2020, the one that former President Donald Trump spread when he told supporters he had been cheated out of an election win which incited a deadly riot, Republicans seem determined to begin the dismantling of democracy. It has become more imperative than ever that a bill preventing restrictive voting laws be passed after his 2020 defeat.

‘This spring, hundreds of corporations and business leaders voiced support for voting rights and opposed Republican-led restrictions being considered or enacted in states like Georgia and Texas.

‘Last month, more than 70 companies said they supported passage of the For the People Act, Democrats’ priority piece of voting legislation. It was filibustered by Senate Republicans the very next day.’