Report Debunks Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims In Blow To GOP


A survey by Bloomberg of officials involved in election administration and law enforcement in all 50 states has uncovered a total lack of meaningful evidence for the systematic election fraud that ex-President Donald Trump and others have claimed has recently plagued the United States. As summarized by the outlet, “Prosecutors across the country found evidence of voter fraud compelling enough to take to court about 200 times since the November 2018 elections” — and that’s it. Hundreds of millions of votes have been cast across the United States through that time frame, and yet, Bloomberg was able to turn up merely around 200 cases of alleged voter fraud cases going to court. Systematic election fraud is not present.

Notably, officials in 23 states “were unable to point to any criminal voting fraud prosecutions since the November 2018 midterm elections,” Bloomberg adds. Again — in all of those states, not a single alleged voter fraud case has gone to court since the 2018 midterm elections! Those who claim that systematic election fraud is both present in the United States and consistently affecting the outcomes of elections don’t, broadly speaking, know what they’re talking about. Officials in three states, including Texas, North Dakota, and South Dakota, did not respond to questions from Bloomberg, but the conclusion is nevertheless clear. Legitimate evidence for systematic election fraud just isn’t there.

Troublingly, Republicans are nevertheless sticking by the false idea that last year’s presidential election was somehow rigged for Joe Biden, although some of the most prominent proponents of this nonsense have yet to apparently even explain, in detail, how the alleged fraud was carried out. Who was in charge? Where are the literal tens of thousands of people whose cooperation would have been likely required to shift the outcome of the presidential election? They can’t legitimately answer these questions, revealing the hollowness of their claims. Yet, in a recent Reuters/ Ipsos survey, about 61 percent of respondents who identified as Republicans characterized the presidential election as “stolen” from Trump.

Both Republicans and Democrats in positions of state-level leadership around the country have confirmed the integrity of last year’s presidential election. As Bloomberg notes, “Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R) and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D), the co-leaders of the National Association of Secretaries of State’s elections committee, have each said the 2020 general election was the most accurate and secure contest ever held in their states because of the general absence of fraudulent activity.”

Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has also been among those speaking out about the integrity of last year’s presidential election, and his team has rigorously examined what went on, finding nothing to confirm claims of systematic fraud. For instance, Bloomberg says, Georgia officials “examined claims of 66,000 underage voters, which in reality were properly pre-registered 17-year-olds who didn’t cast ballots.” None of these various state officials — and none of their efforts to ensure the security of the election — have successfully swayed Trump’s faction from its nonsensical delusions.