Cheney May Force Trump Goons To Testify Before Select Committee


Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) turned the sword of her words against Donald Trump and the Republican legislators in the House Select Committee on Monday. She is probably the last person Trump wants on his tail. But there she is, one of two Republicans on the Select Committee. She started out in her opening remarks, making it clear that she wants the records of every conversation the ex-president and his administration had on January 6. Cheney wants to know what he knew about the insurrection and when did he know it.

The Wyoming legislator was direct in the Select Committee, The Rolling Stone reported:

‘We cannot leave the violence of January 6th—and its causes—uninvestigated. The American people deserve the full and open testimony of every person with knowledge of the planning and preparation for January 6th.’

‘We must know what happened here at the Capitol. We must also know what happened every minute of that day in the White House—every phone call, every conversation, every meeting leading up to, during, and after the attack.’

The Republicans canned her from her job as conference chairman after some of her honest comments about Trump and the truth. Apparently, she was not sufficiently deferent to the former president. Her position was the third top member of her caucus. She had some comments for her party:

‘Will we be so blinded by partisanship that we throw away the miracle of America? Do we hate our political adversaries more than we love our country and revere our Constitution?’


Last may Cheney said that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy should, as The Independent reported:

‘[A]bsolutely [testify]. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were subpoenaed.’

Then in February, she commented about McCarthy to Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA). She said McCarthy told her he talked to Trump on January 6th to “call off the riot.”

On Good Morning America, the representative said her colleague Jim Jordan (R-OH) may have to testify, too:

‘He’s somebody who was involved in a number of meetings in the lead-up to what happened on 6 January, involved in planning for 6 January, certainly for the objections that day as he said publicly, so he may well be a material witness.’

Democrats and some of the media have praised the Wyoming representative just for telling the truth. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn in his testimony Monday said he agreed with the basic concept but questioned whether she was a hero for simply “telling the truth.”

Cheney is a staunch conservative Republican and not a member of the Trump Party as are all but herself and Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who also serves on the Select Committee.

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