Florida School Board Defies DeSantis & Budgets To Sue Him


There is no vaccination for children under the age of 12 in America. That leaves many of our innocents at the hands of a selfish, unpitying governor. In Tallahassee, Florida, there is an air of frustration and fear lingering in the air, right where people are breathing, where the dreaded coronavirus lurks ready to steal away those we love. Maybe, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) lives on rarified air, so that he does not have to worry about it. Certainly, he has no compassion, no empathy, no concern, no feeling of responsibility for those he governs. That is especially true with the youngest, unvaccinated children. Why would he do that? Is he not human?

So what is a human anyway? That varies. We know that DeSantis experiences some human emotions, such as anger. But that just leaves him a third human unless he feels joy and sorrow, too. And what about the feeling of belonging to something greater than one’s self? He appears to score zero on that mark. Clearly, this Florida governor’s concern is strictly for being a president of these United State. Oh lord, not another one.

Florida COVID-19 Update for September 1, 2021. Total Confirmed Hospitalizations: 14,886.’

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DeSantis has ruled that the children in his state’s school districts cannot mandate mask-wearing. So, the Leon County School Board is getting ready to take him on. In a five to one vote on Thursday morning, the board approved $50,000 to hire attorneys from outside the government to handle its lawsuits, according to The Tallahassee Reports.

The capitol of Leon County, which includes Tallahassee, joins almost a dozen other counties in refusing to concede to DeSantis dangerous executive order mandating schools cannot require masks in classes. It is a danger to those who live with and are close to the children, healthcare workers, and even Americans across the country. Even as we speak, medical experts in virology have started warning people of another variant. This one appears to be more resistant to the vaccines. The Florida Hospital Association tweets:

‘Florida COVID-19 Update for September 1, 2021. Total Confirmed New Cases: Tuesday 8/31/2021: 19,048.’

Screen-Shot-2021-09-02-at-1.02.26-PM Florida School Board Defies DeSantis & Budgets To Sue Him Coronavirus Education Featured Politics Top Stories

Leon County is one of nearly a dozen counties that has gone against DeSantis’ executive order. Now, Florida has the most cases of COVID-19. When compared to the 2020 numbers, the results are dreadful, according to NPR.

Cases of hospitalizations have dropped, primarily due to new authorized prescriptive infusions and perhaps, the remnants of DeSantis’ altered accounting statistics. Still, the state remains far above the national average. And this time, those with the COVID-19 Delta variant are young children, young people, pregnant women –those primarily under 40 years old.

Updates Thursday show that Florida’s hospitalizations are better, but still well above earlier peaks and still above the national average. Its hospital occupancy rate is still at a critical level.

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