Sidney Powell Put On The Hook For Over $200,000 In Legal Fees


Recently, sanctions were imposed against attorneys including Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, with these sanctions including a requirement for the attorneys to cover legal fees for their opponents in an election-related court case in Michigan. In that case, which culminated in the sanctions, Powell, Wood, and the other attorneys on their side sought the overturning of Biden’s presidential election victory in the state. As unfolded with every similar lawsuit across the country, the effort failed. After all, there’s never been any legitimate evidence indicating that Biden’s win was the result of fraud. Now, Michigan state officials and the city of Detroit — the opponents of Powell and the others in that lawsuit — have submitted breakdowns of their costs, and the sanctioned attorneys are now seemingly on the hook for over $200,000.

Specifically, Michigan state officials have shared a filing outlining $21,964.75 in costs on their part for which they’re seeking reimbursement from Powell and the others. Meanwhile, officials in Detroit are seeking reimbursement from the sanctioned attorneys for over $182,000 in legal fees. Together, that works out to over $200,000 in costs that officials in Michigan are hoping to get covered by Powell and the other attorneys who were sanctioned. Check out relevant details below:

Besides the requirement for covering the legal fees of their opponents, the sanctioned attorneys were also required by federal Judge Linda Parker, who issued the sanctions, to undergo a certain amount of educational training in legal matters related to their case. Parker concluded that, rather than being based in legitimate concerns, the case that Powell helped bring in Michigan “was about undermining the People‚Äôs faith in our democracy and debasing the judicial process to do so.” The judge also referred each of the sanctioned attorneys for possible suspension or disbarment, and a hearing to apparently consider the imposition of these consequences against Powell was recently scheduled in Texas, where she is presently admitted to practice. That hearing is set for November 4. In a separate but related matter, longtime Trump ally Rudy Giuliani has already been suspended from practicing law in both New York and Washington, D.C., because of his promotion of lies about the election.