Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Re-Election Chances Decline After New Challenger Announced


Let us see. How do we feel about a woman taking giant strides behind a couple of high school kids who just witnessed a mass shooting at their high school. She is haranguing them and even threatening them by indicating that she might have a gun in her purse. Or would we rather see Jennifer Strahan?

Who is Jennifer Stahan? Well, she says she is “a self-described political outsider” and a “no-nonsense conservative.” We have no reason to doubt her. More importantly, she is running against the strange Georgia representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Her introduction video shows Strahan her telling anyone who will listen:

‘[I am] not a politician or a celebrity I don’t want to be either. Georgia’s 14 district] deserves a representative who is focused on serving, not being a celebrity.’

Then, she said something that most of us can all relate to:

‘[She is] tired of out-of-touch people in Washington putting what’s good for themselves ahead of what’s good for our country. ‘

‘[People in her Georgia district] are left without a real advocate or even a single seat on  a congressional committee, [and] we deserve better.’

Greene has a couple of real problems. First, she hangs with Donald Trump. Second, she is a conspiracy theory queen.

In February, the House’s Republican leadership voted to take away all of Greene’s committee assignments. This came after she espoused a rash of conspiracy theories, “racist principles, and violence against her fellow legislators.”

It is interesting to see how Trump’s acolytes have a member of the walking wounded who continues to go beyond reality and into the January 6 failed coup. Greene called those arrested “political prisoners.”

Conversely, Strahan is running directly at Trump’s cost of living controls and other lightweight changes:

‘[She supports] Trump’s policies [and] control the cost of living.’

Strahan founded a national advisory company, J. Osley & Co.:

‘[It is] a national advisory firm that works with healthcare organizations to establish solutions for patient care and system sustainability.’

Representative Greene came to the hill in January after former Representative Tom Graves (R-GA) announced that he was leaving office, beginning an early retirement, according to The Rollcall. He said that he was the second in command of the select Modernization of Congress Committee Panel. And now it is winding down:

‘[I am ready to] begin the next chapter of life in October.’

This is a particularly important district. Mark Clay (R) has also announced he is running, Northwest Georgia News reported.

In addition, there are also four Democrats ready to take down Greene, too. They include: Rome City Commissioner Wendy Davis, Marcus Flower, Holly McCormack, and Lateefah Conner.

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