Immediate Jail-Time For Female Trump Obsessed Insurrectionist Sought By Feds


Federal prosecutors are seeking the re-jailing of Capitol rioter Pauline Bauer ahead of her upcoming trial, arguing that she’s failed to appropriately abide by the conditions of her pre-trial release from custody. According to a Justice Department webpage, Bauer’s charges include obstruction of justice/ Congress, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and more, and she was first arrested in May. Now, prosecutors say that she has “abused the privilege given to her by the Court in allowing release.” A hearing on the matter was set to unfold this Friday.

As explained by reporter Scott MacFarlane, prosecutors are arguing that Bauer ‘isn’t complying [with] conditions, not checking in [with] court, won’t give up passport, [and] hasn’t shown “qualm and decency to court.”‘ In a filing, prosecutors said as follows:

‘The defendant has repeatedly failed to comply with the conditions of pretrial release and has refused supervision by Pretrial Services. [Bauer] has been on supervision for over three months, and although directed to call-in weekly, Defendant has only called Pretrial twice. Even after being admonished by the Court, Defendant still continues to refuse supervision and refuse a home assessment. Further concerning, Defendant Bauer has made statements to her PA Pretrial Services Officer that appear to suggest litigation if the officer continues to try to do his job.’

That’s not exactly a way to end up on good terms with prosecutors and the court. Bauer has described herself as a “sovereign citizen,” referring to the conspiratorial movement that believes, in part, that the original government of the United States was “secretly replaced,” as explained by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Sovereign citizens “stake their lives and livelihoods on the idea that U.S. judges and lawyers, who they believe are foreign agents, know about this hidden government takeover but argue against it, denying the sovereigns’ motions and filings out of treasonous loyalty to hidden and malevolent government forces,” as SPLC adds. Signatures featuring “red blood or ink thumbprints” are employed by sovereign citizens, according to that same group, and Bauer has herself filed such a signature.

Should Bauer be sent back into custody, she wouldn’t be the first Capitol rioter to lose their pre-trial freedom. Douglas Jensen — who is known for helping lead the group that chased Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman during the riot — was himself recently sent back to jail after he violated a prohibition on his usage of the internet while awaiting trial.