Republicans Slapped With Legal Action To Stop Election ‘Audit’


Every Democrat in the Pennsylvania state Senate has banded together behind a new lawsuit aiming to thwart a Republican-led investigation of last year’s presidential election. Specifically, the new lawsuit targets a subpoena recently issued by the state Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, which is pursuing personally identifying information for every Pennsylvania voter who cast a ballot during last year’s presidential election. The subpoenaed information includes names, drivers license numbers, the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers, and more. Although such a demand obviously constitutes overreach, Republicans in the Arizona state Senate were able to obtain such information for Maricopa County voters as part of their own sham “audit.”

Democrats want a Pennsylvania court to block the Republican subpoena in their state. As Democrats put it in a statement:

‘The latest ploy by the Senate Republicans is unprecedented and completely unwarranted… All aspects of the certified 2020 election have been thoroughly reviewed and adjudicated in the courts with no findings of irregularities or fraud. The timeframe to contest the 2020 certified election results is long overdue.’

It’s true, of course — the 2020 presidential election has at this point been comprehensively examined around the country. No evidence of systematic election fraud has ever been uncovered, and officials in every single state have attested to the security of the results in their respective jurisdictions. Furthermore, no court has ever accepted the notion that fraud was responsible for Biden’s win. Continuing to believe that fraud put Biden in the White House would require a belief that there is some kind of vast conspiracy that either with their knowledge or without it has roped in officials from essentially all meaningful levels of government in individual states and on the federal level. Such is not a realistic argument.

As explained by the Associated Press, the new lawsuit from Pennsylvania Democrats “contends that the Senate Republican bid to investigate the election illegally treads on the court’s duties, violates state law over election audits and seeks information that is barred from public disclosure.” Senate Republicans in Pennsylvania’s state legislature have, of course, sought to extol the supposed credibility of their antics, but there’s no demonstrable basis for their moves. In fact, their actions are based in what amounts to political grandstanding — and they’re putting the United States democratic process in jeopardy to make a point.