Schiff Promises Subpoenas For Insurrection Probe Witnesses


As the Jan. 6 commission investigation heats up, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who oversaw the first of former president Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings, says the committee does not plan to go through the long and drawn-out process that investigation did. Instead, reluctant and uncooperative witnesses will soon be getting a subpoena.

Unlike those who helped Trump cover up his extortion of Ukraine who escaped exposure because of the long process of investigation, Schiff says the committee is not waiting for witnesses to decide to comply. Instead, subpoenas will be issued in the coming weeks for any witness expected to be reluctant to comply.

According to POLITICO, Schiff is quoted as saying:

‘In some cases, we’re making requests we think will be complied with. In other cases, we’re going straight to subpoenas where we think we’re dealing with recalcitrant witnesses.’

Under the Biden administration, Schiff said that he hopes the “reluctance” of Trump’s Justice Department to allow witnesses to be charged with contempt of court is a thing of the past. In this investigation, it is critical that all powers granted to a congressional committee should be honored.

‘Schiff said he also hoped the Biden administration would break from Trump-era practices of fighting efforts by Congress to hold witnesses in contempt if they refuse to cooperate. The Biden administration’s posture toward the Jan. 6 committee may also help speed up efforts to garner new information, he added, noting that the current Justice Department is unlikely to support what he called “bogus claims of [executive] privilege” by the Trump team.’

What most readers were hoping to hear from Schiff is which witnesses should expect a subpoena in the coming days, but Schiff offered no names. Instead, he said that they should be coming in the next few weeks and that they would “mushroom.”

‘Schiff declined to identify specific witnesses the panel would call but said he and fellow committee members are learning new information, and that he expects these new details to “mushroom” in the coming weeks.’