Top Trump Goon Accused Of Sexually Harassing & Stalking GOP Donor


Corey Lewandowski, who once managed Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and has remained close to the now former president, apparently repeatedly sexually harassed and “stalked” a top Republican donor at an event in Las Vegas this past weekend. The donor in question is Trashelle Odom, who is the wife of Idaho construction company executive John Odom, and as summarized by POLITICO, Odom says “that Lewandowski repeatedly touched her, including on her leg and buttocks, and spoke to her in sexually graphic terms.” Eventually, Odom was “in tears and pleading for help,” as POLITICO explains it, per the testimony of an eyewitness.

Odom herself said as follows:

‘On the evening of September 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I attended a dinner to support a charity and spend time with wonderful friends… [Corey Lewandowski] repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said vile and disgusting things to me, stalked me, and made me feel violated and fearful… I am coming forward because he needs to be held accountable… I am blessed to have a loving husband and family behind me. I want other women to know that you can be heard, too, and together we can stop terrible things like this from happening.’

According to an Odom family attorney, Lewandowski “tried to touch her approximately 10 times, and Mrs. Odom always rebuffed him.” Odom eventually left the room — and Lewandowski followed her. According to the attorney, Lewandowski also “threw his drink at Mrs. Odom, and it landed all over her shoe and the bottom of her dress.” After Odom left the hotel’s restaurant, she went to a villa on the same premises, which is where one witness says that she was tearful. Lewandowski eventually showed up at the villa, at which point Odom moved away from the area where he was — but then, he followed her, continuing to attempt to make physical contact with Odom, who was distraught.

Lewandowski leads the Make America Great Again political action committee (PAC), to which the Odoms have given $100,000. According to POLITICO, “those close to the Odoms say the couple will ask for their money to be refunded unless Lewandowski’s ties to the super PAC are severed.” Read more at this link.