Adamn Schiff Clobbers GOP For Being Deadbeat Traitors


Following the current politics is a bit like walking across a tilting floor. Sometimes, it dips to the right, sometimes to the left. Fortunately, there is one powerful representative who levels up the floor and tethers us back to the ground. He walks in with a determined spirit and throws our doubts out the window where they crash land on a recalcitrant Republican animal party with sharp teeth.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a great protector of the Democratic Party and a good guy to stand between Americans and the crazed world of the bizarro, nihilistic GOP. Them and the stubborn corporate Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ).

Schiff quite up to the task. He is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and also serves on the January 6 House Select Committee, the representative is committed to “transformational change,” his House Biography said:

‘Schiff also has worked to produce transformational change in the nation’s Capitol, to make healthcare universal, confront the urgent crisis of climate change, address inequality and systemic racism, and get money out of politics.’

‘And he is devoted to building our country back better, with an economy that works for everyone.’

One of our great concerns is that President Joe Biden’s key legislature will die a terrible, painful death in the Senate. Sinema and Manchin have been vague about what they will do about the ever-important Build Back Better Bill.

You know, the one that will transform our country’s middle- and working-class citizens and is paid for by the top one-percenters and mega-companies who pay exactly zero taxes right now. The two corporate senators have been playing political games with legislation so important, people feel extremely uncomfortable. Schiff tells us that this is, indeed, the moment to enact the “one-in-a-lifetime reforms” for President Biden.

Representative Schiff sent out these comforting words. “Democrats will make sure we don’t default on our debt” — for the first time ever. He is especially critical of Senator Mitch Grim Reaper McConnell’s grim game of dueling to the death.

So why will our Democrats and Independents pass legislation to protect our national debt? Representative Schiff said it well, “The GOP must never be allowed to govern. Because they can’t:”

‘Democrats will make sure we don’t default on our debt. GOP leaders in Congress just don’t care. They will torpedo our economy if they think it will help them. It won’t. It will just harm the American people. The GOP must never be allowed to govern. Because they can’t.’

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He is an economic powerhouse:

‘Schiff’s top priority is to create economic opportunity for everyone in our country and community. Schiff has always believed that small businesses are the true engine of growth and he continues to fight to enact tax relief for small businesses, assist them with access to capital, and restore America as a manufacturing powerhouse.’

And failure is not an option.


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