Subpoena Of Trump Lawyer John Eastman By Jan 6 Committee Is Imminent


The deeper we dig into Trump’s insurrection, the worse it gets. In the Jan 6 committee’s hunt for truth, they have focused on one main swamp creature, John Eastman.

Cheney, Pelosi, and their crew have discovered a group of conspirators who holed up in a hotel “War Room” across from the White House. A main player was an John Eastman who had worked for Donald Trump’s lawyers earlier. He sent out what has become The John Eastman Memo.

The committee has a subpoena in hand ready to send to him. In his memo, Eastman outlined how Trump could step into a near-dictatorship. The ex-president’s attorney had been trying to assure former Vice President Mike Pence that it was, indeed, legal to declare the election null and void and hand it to his boss. Pence disagreed.

When the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody questioned the wayward attorney about the Select Committee, Eastman stood behind the ex-president. He responded that election fraud did exist, The Washington Post reported:

‘There’s evidence out there. There’s all sorts of evidence out there and the notion that anybody just raising these problems with the election is somehow contributing to an insurrection? Look, if in fact the election was stolen then it’s the people who stole the election not the people that are shining a light on the illegalities that occurred that are undermining our democratic institutions.’

At this juncture of its investigation, the Committee has notified the attorney that he could either come in to testify or face a subpoena.

One member of the Committee, Jamie Raskin (D-MD), spoke to CNN about Eastman:

‘[T]o determine to what extent there was an organized effort against Vice President Pence and we believe that, you know, some of the actors’ names have become known, including John Eastman, who laid it out in a memo.’

The Washington Post’s dynamic duo and authors of Peril, published by Simon & Schuster Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, first obtained the memo.

The Committee has attempted to contact Eastman. He said:

‘I returned the call and left a voice message. No further contact.’

When questioned further, he replied:

‘No comment.’

Eastman determined that Pence could have called the election for Trump by tossing the results of seven swing states, resulting in a Trump win with 232 to 222 Electoral College votes. The former VP argued that he was wrong. The law required 270 votes for a win.

The attorney tag-teamed with the ex-president in the Oval Office, trying to force Pence to comply. But on this one thing, the VP held firm. It nearly got him hung during the failed coup.

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