Krysten Sinema Ditched By Top Arizona Paper For Pharma Corruption


Seniors in the United States can thank Kyrsten Sinema for the lack of dental and vision care. Why would a new, freshman Democrat buck her own party and refuse to cover such essential items? It might be that $750,000 in donations from Big Pharma Kyrsten Sinema got. AZ Central, a newspaper in her own home state, is calling her out for it.

Sinema has held up an bill meant to set the President Joe Biden’s agenda in his first year of the presidency. After four years of the twice-impeached ex-presidents cuts on so many social programs, it’s an agenda meant to help rebuild the country after the coronavirus pandemic. Of the pieces cut out of the original bill, it was only Sinema who opposed dental and vision coverage, as well as to allow Medicare to negotiate prices with the pharmaceutical industry.

AZ Central wrote that:

‘Gone from the $1.75 trillion proposal is a plan that would have allowed Medicare to use its considerable bargaining power to lower the price of prescription drugs for Americans – a proposal that would have saved the government close to $600 billion over 10 years.’

Sinama has publicly white-washed her view of the bill in recent days as pressure to stop blocking the bill’s passage increased.  On the same day she was refusing to agree to those items, Sinema had the gall to send her spokesperson out to say:

‘As she promised Arizonans, Kyrsten is working hard to ensure prescription drugs are available at the lowest cost possible, and she looks forward to continuing that work.’

She’s not making that happen. Instead, Big Pharma will continue to set their own prices on life-saving drugs that drain the finances of elderly Americans. Not only is this bad for Americans, it cannot help Sinema in 2024 when she’s up for reelection.

‘While allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices is wildly popular with Arizonans – and Americans – it wasn’t wildly popular with prescription drug companies.

‘Or with Sinema, who, along with Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., is calling the shots in Washington D.C. these days.’