Jen Psaki Embarrasses Kevin McCarthy For His 8+ Hour Rambling Idiocy


At a White House press conference this Friday, Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki humiliated House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for his vapid, hours-long speech from the preceding night against the Build Back Better Act, which the House passed early on Friday. The Build Back Better Act is a socially oriented spending package that includes support for improving health care access, fighting climate change, and a whole lot more — which Trump collectively referred to as “Communism” in a Friday statement, showing just how devoid of basic competency that the ex-president and his cronies remain. Lowering the price of insulin (alongside other provisions of the bill) is not Communism!

As for his own remarks, McCarthy was all over the place. As recapped by reporter Andrew Solender, the speech touched on topics including “drug trafficking – immigration – Elon Musk – Defund the police – 2021 local elections – Biden’s meeting [with Chinese President] Xi [Jinping] – Covid origins – Hypersonic missiles – Afghanistan”… and it went on from there. McCarthy also discussed the beginnings of his attachment to the Republican Party, whether McDonald’s still had a dollar meal, and the fact that Trump hasn’t won a Nobel Prize, among a longer, disjointed list.

Psaki pointedly commented as follows:

‘Kevin McCarthy said a lot of words — a lot of words, I just want to emphasize that — over the course of eight and a half hours. For those of you who didn’t watch all of it, he mused about, he shared his wish that he could have been in Tiananmen Square. He mused about whether or not Abraham Lincoln was actually assassinated. He shared his hope, or his thought, or dream — I’m not sure — about picturing America in a swim meet after World War II against every other country. But in eight and a half hours, what he did not talk about was cutting the cost of child care, cutting the cost of elder care, what we are going to do around the country to bring more women into the workforce, to protect our climate for generations to come. That, in our view, tells you all you need to know about Kevin McCarthy’s agenda and what he supports.’

It’s true — McCarthy designed his initially never-ending speech to delay the passage of a bill containing promises of substantial, uplifting benefits for the American people. Watch below: