Rabid Michigan AntiVaxer Who Denied Biden Win, Dies From COVID


A Michigan man who stood firmly in the conspiracy quicksand, bought into the Coronavirus conspiracies. He adamantly denied that President Joe Biden was our president. He also loudly believed that the COVID vaccine would be okay to stop the disease, according to The Daily Beast.

William Hartmann, 63, signed his death certificate by doing so. Ironically it was much like the coronavirus’s spreading far and wide. Little did he know that many of the COVID conspiracies originated in Russia.

The man was a member of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers. Monica Palmer also bought into the conspiracy theories and originally made the decision to not certify President Biden’s 2020 win in her county. This was in spite of our president doubling Donald Trump’s vote.


The count for Biden was 68 percent of the vote to Trump’s 31 percent. The board is composed of four people—the other two were Democrats—so Hartmann and Palmer’s insistence threw the board into a loop. But later they decided to certify President Biden’s win. In another turn of events the board attempted to take back their decision, but too late.


Hartmann’s Facebook page showed vaccine passports that eerily looked like Nazi’s laws. He claimed on Facebook that the vaccine passports resembled Nazi Germany’s draconian laws. And he certainly was not alone in his beliefs. Many of them have been quite strong in their conspiracy beliefs.


Then he died. What took him down? He was just another one of the nearly 800,000 victims in the coronavirus pandemic.

Another antivaxer tried to treat his illness with Donald Trump’s medical recommendations, The Newsweek Magazine reported with bleach. The ex-president spread his lies far and wide. This antivaxer was a Austrian man too died.

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