Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas Phone Records Of ‘Oath Keepers’


The January 6 Select Committee is hot on the trail of two Oath Keepers from Florida who sued to halt Verizon from handing over their personal phone records. The phone company notified Kelly and Connie Meggs a month ago that their records had been subpoenaed. In the lawsuit attorneys claimed the subpoenas would be “unduly and highly prejudicial to getting a fair jury cut,” The POLITICO reported:

‘A release of these records, with a pending criminal trial, would be unduly and highly Prejudicial to getting a fair jury cut from a cross-section of the District of Columbia.’

The lawsuit also contained information about Connie Meggs’ “family plan with Verizon” and would violate others’ First Amendment privacy:

‘And the Subpoena seeks records that would provide information about the Meggs’ personal life over three months, and because Mrs. Megg’s Verizon Account was a family plan, other users are also associated with the account. And obviously, this implicates the privacy interests of those third parties as well.’

There were 19 individuals in total who were handed subpoenas by Verizon. The Select Committee investigated them all as part of their case against those who breached our citadel of freedom, America’s Capitol Building. For the Meggs, their subpoena requested phone records from November 2020 until January 31, 2021. Apparently, the January 6 Committee was following up on the Oath Keepers, claiming its members use a military “stack formation” to make their way inside of our Capitol.


By checking out Kelly Meggs’ private messages, our governmental prosecutors noted that he was hunting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). As a result, he has been detained for almost a year as he waited for the trial.Judge Amit Mehta discovered Connie Meggs was allegedly involved in the failed coup, but she was less involved than Kelly Meggs.


The Select Committee had already subpoenaed the head of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, according to the SPLC, the Southern Poverty Law Center. The January 6 Committee did not charge him, but noted that Rhodes was on the Capitol site. Rhodes’ videos of that day gave him away. Throughout the event, he communicated with the Oath Keepers, including Kelly Meggs. But he was hardly alone.

In addition attorneys, Juli Haller and Jonathon Moseley, have been representing Connie and Kelly Meggs. They claimed in their lawsuit that the subpoena was “illegitimate.” The reasons they gave for this were that the subpoenas “could prejudice a future jury,” were too broad, and did not fit within the Select Committee’s purview.

The January 6 Committee has also delivered a subpoena to the Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio plus other leaders within the group. Tarrio is serving six months in prison for “stealing and burning a Black Lives Matter flag during a protest in 2020.”

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An additional 725 members of the mob stormed our Capitol Building and now face charges for their part on January 6. Several have decided to cooperate with the government.  

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