D.C. Attorney General Targets Trump Family For Corruption


D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is continuing his pursuit of the Trump Organization over financial issues involving the committee that put on inauguration-tied events in 2017. As reported by The Daily Beast, a key issue in Racine’s efforts is what unfolded around a hotel reservation that was made in D.C. — in the name of the Trump Organization — around the time of that inauguration. The now former president’s company refused to pay a $49,358 bill associated with the reservation, and the money ended up coming from the committee that was handling inauguration festivities — which offers support to the notion that this committee and the money associated with it essentially propped up Trump’s interests as he headed into office.

Last November, D.C. Superior Court Judge José M. López removed the Trump Organization from a lawsuit tied to Racine’s investigation into these matters — a move that the D.C. Attorney General is trying to get undone. The Trump company had argued that Gentry Beach, an associate of Donald Trump Jr., didn’t have the authority to tie the disputed hotel reservation to the Trump Organization in the first place — although a debt collector eventually “notified the Trump Organization that she had just found out that yet another Don Jr. executive assistant, Lindsey Santoro, had initially requested the rooms and added Beach as the main contact for the deal,” The Daily Beast explains, meaning that the company (where Trump Jr. serves in a high-ranking position) seems more closely involved in the arrangement than they might like to admit.

Moving forward, the D.C. Attorney General’s attempt to get the Trump company added back to the case will be decided by D.C. Superior Court Judge Yvonne Williams. Those on the side of the Trump Organization have continued to resist Racine’s push — last month, for instance, attorney Rebecca Woods presented the argument once again that Beach did not possess the appropriate authority to tie the Trump Organization to the hotel reservation. This matter isn’t the only issue that’s been under examination by the D.C. Attorney General’s office, even though it appears to be a focus of the case in its latest stages. As explained by The Daily Beast, Racine “continues to investigate how the inauguration committee allegedly misspent more than $1 million.” Issues include parties tied to the former president’s adult children. Read more at this link.