Archive Releases Four Pages From Trump White House To Jan. 6 Committee


Four pages from the National Archives will go to the House January 6 Select  Committee at six p.m. on Wednesday. That is unless the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) acts. U.S. presidents’ records are filed and maintained in the Archives. Yet, Donald Trump has fought like crazy to keep his documents hidden from public view.

We know the Supreme Court can move very quickly if it wants to do so. But perhaps, it did not want to act on Trump’s lawsuit at all. And once the pages are released, the SCOTUS issue would be moot.

Attorneys for the previous administration wrote that SCOTUS has not yet “acted on that request,” and time is ticking away, CNN Politics reported:

‘The release of certain records from tranche four — that Appellant has known for over a month would occur today — will not violate any order of any court. Indeed, that is presumably why Appellant has asked the Supreme Court to enjoin release of documents from that tranche. The Supreme Court, however, has not acted on that request.’

In addition, Binnall wrote the former president thought President Joe Biden’s White House was “acting in bad faith.” The attorney accused President Biden’s people of making copies of what went into Trump’s SCOTUS lawsuit.

President Biden’s attorneys wrote that those two specific pages would not go public. That meant the Select Committee would get four of the six pages.

Trump attorney Jesse Binnall wrote in his filing that this was an “attempt to bypass a lawful injunction:”

‘Under no circumstances should the government’s misconduct and attempt to create an ad hoc record be sanctioned by this Court. The weighty issues being considered by the Supreme Court should be decided under the normal course, not by the government’s attempt to bypass a lawful injunction.’

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The January 6 Committee has requested over 700 pages of Trump records. The Select Committee has been trying to determine the former president’s role in the insurrection. On January 6, he spoke to a group of supporters on the Elipse, ginning. them up to “fight” for America.

So what is in these documents? CNN Politics reported that they could include revealing paperwork:

‘The documents include activity logs, schedules, speech notes and three pages of handwritten notes from then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows — paperwork that could reveal goings-on inside the West Wing as Trump supporters gathered in Washington and then overran the Capitol, disrupting the certification of the 2020 vote.’

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Earlier, the ex-president asked the SCOTUS to block the Archive release of “hundreds of pages of records related to January 6:”

‘Trump has previously asked the Supreme Court to block the release of hundreds of pages of records related to January 6, arguing the documents are protected by executive privilege. The Biden White House, however, supports releasing the records to the House select committee, after determining the disclosure is in the nation’s best interest and declining to assert executive privilege.’

Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton wrote in a letter to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, according to The USA News newspaper:

‘Absent an intervening court order, the Archivist intends to release records from the fourth tranche to the Committee at 6:00 pm tomorrow.’

So the release is a go unless the court intervenes.

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