Hillary Clinton Shames Donald Trump For Making Racism OK Again


Hillary Clinton is continuing to sound a metaphorical alarm about the dangers posed by former President Trump, those around him, and the actions and policies that they support. This week, she somberly marked the anniversary of then-President Trump’s first Muslim-targeting travel ban, which emerged very soon after he took office and directly connected to an instance on the campaign trail when Trump insisted that a “total and complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States needed to be implemented. No matter the justifications that those around Trump may have put forward for the eventual policy, the fact remains: it was rooted in this racism.

As has been long-documented, it’s not as though the travel restrictions primarily affected countries whose residents had been legitimately found to pose some sort of sweeping threats to the United States. (Racism and idiocy so often go together.) Saudi Arabia — the origin point for individuals who had, in fact, attacked the U.S. at one point — was never on the list of countries affected by the restrictions. It was an essentially pointlessly cruel move, kicking off years of similarly destructive initiatives from Trump and his cronies. As Hillary pointedly put it on Thursday:

‘Five years ago today, Trump instituted his “Muslim ban,” with real and awful consequences for families in America and around the world. We cannot go back to this.’

A version of Trump’s so-called Muslim ban remained in effect until the end of his presidency, and once taking office, President Joe Biden promptly lifted it. It’s unclear as of this point whether Trump will, in fact, run for president again — he hasn’t formally confirmed that he will — although many other potential Republican candidates could feasibly take a similarly racist path. Recently, Republicans have yet again jump-started their animosity towards immigrants; flipping out over flights for undocumented immigrants to various parts of the country… but the flights are routine. “Republicans are attacking the Biden administration over a routine practice and… flights transferring migrants, including unaccompanied children, have occurred during multiple administrations, including that of former president Donald Trump, according to current and former officials,” CNN explains.