Triggered Trump Freaks Out On Mitch McConnell For Abandoning MAGA


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Donald Trump (R) are going at it tooth and nail. The two septuagenarians are seeking dominion over the Republican universe and then the Democratic one.

Trump has been trying to oust McConnell from his leadership role as House minority leader. At the same time, McConnell has been working to increase his power in the Senate. One difference between the two is that the ex-president hides behind his words and lets his minions to do the dirty work while McConnell faces Trump head-on, according to CNN:

‘Mitch McConnell doesn’t say anything by accident. The Senate minority leader’s every move is in the service of his long game dedicated to securing power.’

Trump is still singing the same old song that McConnell did nothing to stop the “most fraudulent election in American history.” Then he blames the minority leader for not keeping President Joe Biden from the impossible, accomplishing a whole host of lies.

Below is Trump’s message regarding McConnell:

‘From Trump: “Mitch McConnell does not speak for the Republican Party, and does not represent the views of the vast majority of its voters. He did nothing to fight for his constituents & stop the most fraudulent election in American history. & he does.”’

However, Weissman did add one powerful line about the former president:

‘He must be subpoenaed.’

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When reporters asked the Kentucky senator whether he feared the ex-president “might spark a revolt against his leadership,” interfere with him becoming majority leader again, McConnell did not seem too worried.

He wondered whether any reporter had found one senator who agreed with the ex-president, The Week reported.

Indeed, the Kentucky senator maintains a tight hold over his 50 senators. He said:

‘Every reporter in town, including, I’m sure, you, have been probing to find one for months, right? Have you found one?’

He also laughed at Trump’s nickname for him “Old Crow.” Clearly far more intelligent than the former president, McConnell replied:

‘It’s my favorite bourbon. Aren’t we using Old Crow as my moniker now? It was Henry Clay’s favorite bourbon.’

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It is unlikely that Trump would ever make it to testify before the House’s January 6 Select Committee as Weissman hopes. What he would do is take it to court and drag it out as long as possible. Then, when he finally reached the U.S. Supreme Court, his three judges would favor him.

Although, it is not clear which one of these would-be Titans is representing Hades and the Underworld.


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