Mark Meadows’ Wife Accused Of Fraudulent Voter Registration


Given the Republicans’ rabid attacks on voters’ mail-in ballots, Debra Meadows’ voting activity was a bit surprising. Mrs. Meadows illegally claimed she and her husband were living on top of a mountain in a mobile home with a rusted tin roof. She was not. In other words, she lied.

When Meadows appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos  in 2020, he said, The Washington Post reported:

‘What we do know is a number of times as we have mail-in ballots, if there is not a chain of custody that goes from the voter to the ballot box, mischief can happen.’

Debra Meadows decided to stop by a county community building in North Carolina and take the time to complete a “one-stop vote application for the 2020 presidential election.” And she handed in the White House Chief of Staff’s early ballot, too.

All in all, Mrs. Meadows managed to sign three voter forms. They were:

  1. Her voter registration form that spells out clearly the voter must list his or her home address. And if that was not clear enough, the instructions add “where you physically live.” [Neither she nor Mar Meadows ever lived at the address they listed.] Then, the form promises to charge the individuals with perjury, if they screw up, and like say they live in Georgia.
  2. An absentee ballot request for Mark Meadows and
  3. Her one-stop application.

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The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation’s (SBI) Public Information Director Anjanette Grube commented:

‘We are early into the investigation. As the investigation continues, information will be shared with the prosecutor who will make a determination as to whether any additional persons could be subject to the investigation.’

For some reason, the couple listed a post office box 70 miles from the trailer house on their voter registration forms. It seems, the Meadows sold their Sapphire, North Carolina home in March of that year.

Turns out they were actually living in a condo in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. But when they voted, they used the Sapphire registration in the early summer primary election.

North Carolina law says very plainly that people have to live in the county to vote there. But if they move, the time limit to arrange to vote there ends 30 days prior to the election.

Elections Official for North Carolina Gerry Cohen interpreted the law to mean:

‘[An individual] could vote in the runoff primary without an updated registration. Under the new law, a person can no longer vote in a runoff months after he or she moves.’

Screen-Shot-2022-03-23-at-11.24.59-AM Mark Meadows' Wife Accused Of Fraudulent Voter Registration Crime Featured Politics Top Stories White Privilege

The Charlotte Observer reported that people were still waiting for the Meadows to “figure out where they lived.”

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