Another 2020 Election Investigation Confirms Decisive Biden Victory


Another election investigation has ended up confirming what credible authorities on this matter have said all along: the 2020 presidential elections were secure and unaffected by the supposed widespread fraud that Donald Trump continues to claim was somehow responsible for Joe Biden’s victory. This time, it’s in Arizona where investigators have now once again reached such a conclusion; the investigators had been looking at the elections process in Maricopa County in particular in the wake of an audit of the county’s process led by Republicans in the Arizona state Senate and operated in part by an inexperienced company called Cyber Ninjas. Specifically, investigators have confirmed that voting machines in the county were not connected to the internet — and that county officials didn’t attempt to “obstruct” that audit, the Arizona Capitol Times explains.

As that outlet adds, “The [new] report comes after the Arizona Senate and the county agreed in September 2021 that three independent computer security experts would review the county’s routers and answer the Senate’s questions in relation to the 2020 general election… [After the audit,] the Senate still wanted to examine the county’s routers and Splunk logs, which it had also subpoenaed earlier in the year. The county resisted, citing security concerns. But, faced with losing hundreds of millions of state-shared revenues for not complying with the subpoenas, the county eventually settled with the Senate to allow an independent review of the equipment.” Former Republican Congressman John Shadegg, who’d represented parts of the area, served as a so-called special master for the independent review. And as for questions regarding county officials’ response to the prior audit, the “special master and expert panel found no evidence of data deletion, data purging, data overwriting, or other destruction of evidence or obstruction of the audit,” as investigators’ report explains it.

Notably, investigators also discovered apparent ignorance underlying Republican state Senators’ questions. Certain inquiries “appeared to have been written based on the assumption” that the county had just one computer network for elections, investigators noted, but the county actually has two. The “utilization of separate systems, which are physically separated and are not electronically connected, either by wire or wirelessly, is a critical factor in answering the Senate’s questions,” investigators said. And in the ballot tabulation center (BTC), there’s no evidence of an internet connection — there “are no routers or managed switches or Splunk logs in the BTC,” as investigators explained. The ballot tabulation center isn’t electronically connected to the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center, another apparent arm of the county’s elections process.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chairman Bill Gates said the new report ought to be “a final stake in the heart of the Senate’s so-called ‘audit,’” but it’s not actually going to mean the end of GOP investigations into the county’s handling of its elections. Just this week, Arizona state Sen. Kelly Townsend (R) issued a subpoena demanding that officials from Maricopa County answer questions at an imminent Senate Government Committee hearing regarding election-related documents that had previously been sought by the state attorney general. Townsend complained on Twitter that if “Maricopa County cannot bother to answer the questions of [Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.)] from a congressional hearing regarding deleted/archived files, why am I supposed to trust or believe any other report they submit? I am sorry but too little, too late.” Would anything ever be enough for these people? If a booming voice emerged from the heavens and stated that the 2020 elections were secure, would Republicans suggest it was in cahoots with the imaginary fraudsters?