Fox News Distances Itself From ‘Truth Social’ In Trump Humiliation


Fox News apparently isn’t even on Truth Social, the Trump-backed social media platform that recently emerged but hasn’t exactly seen an overwhelming level of success. A verified account billing itself as Fox News recently showed up on Truth Social, but now a spokesperson for the right-wing network says it isn’t actually them. Besides the verification designation, former Republican Congressman-turned-Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes posted: “Great to have RSS feed for @FoxNews now LIVE here on TRUTH! This adds to @OAN and @NewsMax.” But it wasn’t actually Fox. “We are not on Truth Social,” a Fox spokesperson told Axios. It’s not immediately clear how the CEO of the Trump company behind this whole thing could have been so incompetent as to get it wrong — although this whole thing is a Trump operation, so incompetence is probably the specialty.

“Shares of the blank-check company taking Truth Social public spiked on Tuesday afternoon, after an Axios reporter tweeted about the mere existence of the verified account,” according to Axios, although the company’s stock price remains significantly lower than it’s been at earlier junctures. As of early this Thursday, share prices for that so-called blank check company — known as Digital World Acquisition Corp. — were at around $48. On March 14, the share price was apparently about $62. Meanwhile, Truth Social is facing other significant struggles as well — at times since its launch, individuals hoping to get onto the site have been placed on a stunningly lengthy wait-list, and its popularity on the Apple app store (the only place it’s currently available) has sharply declined after initial surges of interest. And per Reuters, two executives at the Trump Media & Technology Group, including Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, have quit. According to Reuters, Adams and Boozer served as the company’s chiefs of technology and product development, respectively.

Adding metaphorical insult to injury — Trump seemingly hasn’t posted on Truth Social since its launch, making one wonder whether he’s even interested in seeing it succeed or has already moved on to whatever his next idea for an attention-grabbing operation targeting his supporters might be. For now, he mostly spreads his nonsense through press releases distributed by spokesperson Liz Harrington, interviews, and rally appearances — including the recent stop in North Carolina where attendance was reportedly thousands below the attendance total at a Trump rally at the very same venue before the 2016 election. The News & Observer — a North Carolina outlet — reported just after 7 p.m. on the night of the event that Trump was “taking the stage at The Farm in Selma in front of what appears to be roughly 1,000 to 2,000 people — substantially fewer than the 15,000 who attended his rally at the same venue in the days before 2016’s presidential election.” Hilarious.