Pro-Trump Trucker Convoy Tries To Find Pelosi’s House & Gets Lost


The right-wingers involved in Trump-aligned protests aren’t getting much better at actually doing the protesting, it seems. After a remarkably low-impact stint in the D.C. area by a group of truckers hoping to protest… something, members of the group headed to California to keep up their crusade against COVID-19-related restrictions. And on Thursday, reporter Zachary Petrizzo, who’s shared details on the group (which calls itself the People’s Convoy) for awhile, posted that the truckers hoped to find the San Francisco-area residence of House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) but rather hilariously failed. “The People’s Convoy made it to San Francisco and decided to try and locate Nancy Pelosi’s residence, but the planned activity of placing flags in her yard fell apart due to the group failing to come to a consensus on what home was actually Pelosi’s,” Petrizzo shared.

When still in the D.C. area (they metaphorically pitched their tents in Hagerstown, Maryland, while making repeated treks closer to and eventually inside the capital), members of this convoy met with GOP Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Ron Johnson (Wisc.), along with Republican House members… and that’s just about it. There’s no sign that their protest efforts, which hinged on trying to slow down traffic around the capital, had any substantive impact whatsoever on policy decisions made in the federal government related to the COVID-19 pandemic or, for that matter, anything else. At one point, a lone bicyclist memorably slowed members of the group by getting in front of them on one of their ventures into D.C. and riding at a slow pace — an apt symbol for the bumbling ineptitude defining this whole endeavor. When asked on video about what they were doing, the cyclist (apparently mockingly) replied: “What’s that? I didn’t hear you… I didn’t hear you, what did you say?” Asked again, the individual retorted: “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you—it’s too loud.” Trucks behind them were honking.

Mike Landis, one of those leading the convoy effort, remarked before the group left the area around D.C.: “If you’re choosing to stay, thank you, and hold the fort down until we get back… If you’re going with us, thank you for that also, because it takes an army to make everything happen.” What is he talking about? What does he think is happening? A bunch of money is getting blown on cross-country driving trips that connect to no apparent policy changes in line with participants’ wishes whatsoever. Instead of seeking to understand the push for safety restrictions tied to the COVID-19 pandemic, protest participants are decrying those measures as unacceptable restrictions on freedom, or something — and making a steady stream of embarrassing headlines for the Right in the process. And that’s just about it. The Right’s victim complex returns.