Voters In Georgia Start Souring On Marjorie Taylor Greene


Although Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) represents a heavily Republican Congressional district, she doesn’t have an impassable fortress of support in that district. Greene’s “in-your-face tactics made her a national name but haven’t done much to endear her to constituents who say they’ve had enough,” the Washington Examiner — a conservative publication — said in new reporting.

“She’s an embarrassment… She seems nice enough, but you get her in front of a microphone, and she goes bonkers!” one voter from Greene’s district said. The Examiner also spoke with at least a couple of the five Republican candidates running in the ongoing GOP primary race for Greene’s seat, and they expressed concerns about Greene’s effectiveness as a Congressional representative.

“I think we have a lot of serious issues going on today, and I think we need a serious representative who wants to actually drive positive change and not just celebrity… I think we somehow have lost sight of the fact that politics is supposed to be about service, and instead, it’s about a bunch of wannabe celebrities who are just chasing the media likes, and that’s just not what it’s supposed to be about. I have a little boy in kindergarten, and I think about his future, and that’s a major reason why I feel like we have to stand up for this,” Republican contender Jennifer Strahan said, adding: “I think people want to see results. I think people shouldn’t have to sacrifice effectiveness for their conservative values, and that’s the mentality that people have. I also think that people recognize that if they just stay away from the polls or keep their heads in the sand, that it’s not actually helping either.”

“Yes, you are supposed to go to Washington to work, but the people of the 14th District elected you to represent them and their needs, and for 15 months, we’ve had no representation,” fellow GOP primary contender James Haygood added. “She’s on no committees, and she cries about, ‘Oh, everybody’s picking on me,’ but it’s always somebody else’s fault… You can’t find her nowhere, and then all of a sudden, it’s early voting, and oh, sweet Jesus, she’s cruising the 14th District, and she’s making appearances along the way like she’s always there.” Although Greene didn’t actually face an active Democratic challenge at the time of her first election to Congress, the Republican lean of the district suggests the primary — which is on May 24 — could be the best chance to topple her.

A challenge to Greene’s eligibility for re-election on the basis of her connections to the January 6 violence has so far been unsuccessful, although those behind it recently appealed after the initial rejection of their attempts to get her legally removed from the race. The challenge rests on the Constitutional provisions restricting those involved in insurrection from running for office. Meanwhile, Greene is spending her time on ambitions like advocating against the Biden administration continuing its legal obligation to care for migrants in their custody, including babies. Rather than focusing elsewhere in efforts to fix the formula shortage, Greene tweeted: “The Biden administration is sending pallets of baby formula to the border for illegal aliens, while American mothers are crying in the grocery store searching for it. We should Protect America First!” She apparently wants migrant babies left without resources used for their basic nutrition.