Longtime Trump Assistant Hit With Subpoena In Corruption Case


Donald Trump is facing trouble in New York City where his business is headquartered. New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James has subpoenaed “documents and other evidence,” according to The Guardian. Plus, Trump’s former executive assistant Rhona Graff must testify about her boss on May 31, according to Special Litigation Counsel Andrew Ames’ “court filing.”

Graff, who was with him from 1987 through April 2021, handed over affidavits to the former president’s attorneys last week noting that she quit the Trump Organization. She was involved in her old boss’ attempts to get his contempt order dropped, The Daily Beast reported:

The DA’s attorney wrote that the affidavit had some big holes in it, and his office intended to question Graff about a number of details. That would include Trump’s company keeping double books, one for the IRS and one for banks’ loan officers, The Guardian continued:

‘Did [Trump] ever review the statement in draft form before he signed the final version each year? Did he annotate any drafts with comments and/or questions? If so, what happened to those drafts? In what form was the final version of the statement presented for Mr Trump’s approval in each year? How did he make his approval clear? Ms Graff’s affidavit does not say.’

Former personal attorney to Trump, Michael Cohen, has since written a book noting that Graff was given the title of “Gatekeeper.” She was also his top assistant with her own office in spite of New York City’s expensive rental rates and Trump’s cheapness. Cohen said:

‘She had her own office at Trump Tower with a large filing cabinet containing folders on various issues pertaining to Trump.’

Ames indicated that the DA’s office wanted her under oath. He believed the reason was:

‘[H]er affidavit only described the company’s retention and preservation practices for some of Trump’s records, and lacked detail about how his statements of financial condition were handled.’

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The DA has been looking into Trump’s affairs for three years:

‘[T]he Trump Organization misstated the value of assets such as skyscrapers and golf courses on financial statements for more than a decade. Trump denies the allegations and has called James’s investigation “racist” and a politically motivated “witch-hunt”.’

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Time will tell whether Graff’s affidavit will be sufficient for James to drop the contempt charge.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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