Judge Rules Against Alex Jones In Sandy Hook Victims Bankruptcy Case


Far-right radio host Alex Jones crawled out from under a rock and blasted America with conspiracy theories aimed directly at families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. With their grief of their loss overwhelming at times, the parents and others had to deal with Jones’ blasphemy, his conspiracy theories. But a judge intervened.

A Texas federal bankruptcy judge dropped the protections of Jones’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That meant the parents’ defamation lawsuits went back to the state courts. Perhaps in June, the original jury trial will become jumpstarted.

These parents won their lawsuit for defamation against the online radio personality. The bankruptcy protection would end and go back to state court. Therefore, an August trial would uncover what damages Jones owes these families

This will give the Sandy Hook parents time to decide how much Jones owes the families, according to Newstimes.com:

‘[They were] calling the worst crime in Connecticut history “staged,” “synthetic,” “manufactured,” “a giant hoax,” and “completely fake with actors.”’

Judge Julie Manning, a federal bankruptcy judge, negotiated between Jones and the parents. She was able to pull an agreement out of the process. The parents of Sandy Hook would agree:

‘[T]o drop three Jones-controlled entities currently in bankruptcy protection from the defamation lawsuit the families won last year. Once Manning sanctions the agreement.’

Jones’ attorneys for three of his companies wrapped up his defense in bankruptcy court. But now the families are really able to go after Jones and his main company, Free Speech Systems. Although neither was truly involved in the lawsuit, they benefitted from the federal bankruptcy “stay.”

It all started when Jones’ attorneys had him file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy knowing that would also end up protecting him. This was right before the first “jury award trials” were to start. His maneuver did not prevent the parents of two Sandy Hook victims from winning their defamation cases.

Jones’ attorneys noted:

‘Jones has already spent $10 million on attorney fees and has lost at least $20 million because of the defamation lawsuits.’

The families of Sandy Hook victims said that Jones was showing “bad faith” by filing for the bankruptcies.  Texas accused Jones of “bad-faith” bankruptcy filings because his three businesses brought in $38,000 in toto each month. His conspiracy theories pulled in a whopping $76,000 through 2019.

Manning was frustrated that this case had lingered “for weeks without a resolution.” She turned to the Bridgeport attorney, Alinor Sterling, and another attorney, Cameron Atkinson, from New Haven.

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The judge said:

‘I have wasted too much time with this back-and-forth on these cases. If attorney Sterling drafts an order and attorney Atkinson agrees to a stipulated dismissal where everybody signs it removing the defendant debtors, is that going to suffice?’

Sterling responded:

‘I can certainly make it happen, your honor.’

The surviving family members claimed that after the mass murder killed 20 children and six Sandy Hook school members, Jones committed “intolerable abuse” via his company InfoWars. The families accused Jones’ company InfoWars of “intolerable abuse.”

The talkshow host was found liable for damages after claiming the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting that killed 20 children and six staff members was “a hoax,” according to ABC News.

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