Garland DOJ Steps Of Investigation Of Trump Coup With Lawyer Scrutiny


The January 6 Committee has expressed frustration over the Department of Justice’s inaction. But now it appears that the DOJ has a fulsome investigation in the works after subpoenaing information from a partial list of Donald Trump’s attorneys and inner circle. It was particularly interested in their plot to force fake electors into the 2020 election certification process.

The Vanity Fair reported that a “key question(s)” was: would Donald Trump get caught in his “attempted coup” and “be “held responsible:”

‘One of the key questions many people undoubtedly have is whether or not Donal.d Trump will ever actually be held responsible for his attempt to burn down democracy, on account of being a stunted man-child unable to admit he lost the election. And the answer is that even if the House subcommittee probing the events surrounding January 6, 2021, uncovers wildly damning evidence against him—you know, in addition to the evidence we already have—it has no prosecutorial power. But the Department of Justice does, and it appears its criminal investigation of the attempted coup is heating up.’

The crooked deal was to provide enough “fake electors for Trump during the certification of the 2020 vote to influence former Vice President Mike Pence to call the election for Trump.”

Unfortunately for the former president’s former private attorney Rudy Giuliani’s, his name was there, too. And a friend of Giuliani, Bernard Kerik was there, too.The subpoena specifically honed in on the “signing or mailing of certificates of elector votes for Trump.”

And Bernard Kerik’s lawyer Tim Parlatore, indicated that the man he was representing would gladly comply with an investigation — if needed, according to The New York Times:

‘But it’s impossible to understand what DOJ would even be looking for as this is a political issue, not a criminal issue.’

Of course, President Joe Biden won the 2020 election. And the DOJ’s subpoena requested each subpoenaed individual, including Rudy Giuliani, provide an “alternate” group of electors who would support a Trump reelection to a federal grand jury.” It wanted “any communications with government employees” involved in the Trump campaign in any way. The DOJ will be searching for proof of these men seeking election fraud.

In addition to Giuliani, a far-right attorney who also spoke at Trump’s rally on January 6, John Eastman, was included in that subpoena, too.

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The DOJ’s grand jury also requested any documentation about the subpoenaed men trying to provide electors voting for Trump, especially in states where he lost the popular vote. It also sought data about Trump lawyers Joe diGenova, Jenna Ellis, and Victoria. The subpoena even included “an appellate attorney who assisted the campaign, Kenneth Chesebro:”

‘Legal experts have said that the Republican electors who sent the fake certificates or anyone who facilitated the plot could be vulnerable to prosecution, including for providing false voting documents to the federal government.’

Thus far, the DOJ has not charged anyone with fake alternate electors, which would, of course, be a crime, according to CNN.

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Giuliani’s legal team Clark, Epshteyn, and Eastman had no comment.

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